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5 Classic Walkway Pavers for Traditional Home Aesthetics in Elmont, NY


The title image features Town Hall walkway pavers.



Whether your home is old and new, it may have the characteristics of a traditional home. Your front walkway contributes so much to this aesthetic. If your walkway is in need of an upgrade, here are five classic walkway pavers for traditional home aesthetics in Elmont, NY.


What is the “traditional” style, anyway? It is typically a simple style free of ornamentation (i.e. not a Victorian “gingerbread” look). The style often borrows from various classic styles, but one of its main features is symmetry and simplicity. A paver that honors that could be the ideal choice for your new walkway.





Brick is one of the world’s oldest building materials. Its texture and colors are familiar—even if you aren’t enamored with “brick red,” there are many choices from Unilock that give you the traditional aesthetic of brick but in fresh and modern colors.


For a smaller home with a curved front walkway, you want to stray from “brick red” colors, making Mattoni brick pavers from Unilock perhaps the ideal choice. The warm and earthy Cocoa Brown and Sable colors won’t compete with the home, while the dramatic Dark Charcoal can be used to create a beautiful border or accents. The long, slender shape is perfect for curved walkways or walkways where you want to add more texture.


Town Hall pavers from Unilock are relatively large, and they can be installed as permeable pavers that allow snowmelt and rain to seep into the ground below, for a more sure-footed passage. Town Hall is a popular driveway paver, too, if you want a unified look at your entry. Town Hall colors include the classic Burnt Clay, Burgundy Red, and Old Oak (which look stunning when blended on site). Two blended colors, Heritage Red and Heritage Clay, offer a timeworn, handmade aesthetic. And, the dramatic black Basalt color can be used for an eye-catching walkway or as a stunning border.





Natural stone, including flagstone, has been used for centuries to construct plazas, sidewalks, and patios. People are drawn to the unique beauty of natural stone; however, many types of stone can become slippery when wet. On a walkway, you want to put safety first. The good news is you can combine the natural aesthetic of flagstone with non-slip surfaces that make for safe passage. Richcliff pavers from Unilock offer an incredibly realistic flagstone texture thanks to Reala Technology, which takes casts of many natural stones. Enjoy the rich colors of Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, or Smoke Shale. These Unilock Elegance pavers also feature Ultima technology, with up to four times the strength of poured concrete for a walkway that will stand the test of time.



Cobblestone Pavers


Tribeca Cobble pavers are substantially proportioned, perfect for larger homes or if you want to use the same paver on your driveway and your walkway. Granite, marble, and quartz particles give Tribeca Cobble its unique surface appearance. Available in Peppered Granite or Crystalline Basalt, these dramatic pavers can be installed traditionally or on a permeable base to allow water to flow through.



Granite Pavers


Granito pavers give your walkway the timeless look of granite. Choose from two finishes to get exactly the look you want in two realistic colors: Notte (a neutral gray) or Sabia (a warm buff). The pavers are available a random bundle of two rectangles and one square shape for a multitude of relaxed paving patterns.




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