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5 Benefits of Opting for Concrete Pavers from Unilock

When designing a driveway or patio floor, homeowners are faced with a near infinite array of materials to choose from. Concrete slabs may be easy to pour but crack under pressure, for example, while natural stones are uniquely beautiful but too fragile to bear heavy loads. When weighing up the pros and cons of different materials, one candidate often stands above the rest: concrete pavers. Here are a few reasons why concrete pavers are so widely used in the modern age and why you should consider incorporating them into your hardscape.

Unbeatable durability

The most renowned virtue of concrete pavers lies in their compressive strength. In addition to the incredible strength of unfortified concrete, we enhance the durability of our pavers using Ultima Concrete Technology. This innovative process imbues pavers with four times the strength of poured concrete. The compressive strength of a particular paver often depends on its size. A surface comprised of small pavers is flexible and less vulnerable to damage as the pavers yield to the movement of the earth beneath them, thereby avoiding the formation of cracks. The Copthorne pavers used here are both small and fortified, making them an excellent candidate for walkways, driveways, and any other area frequently exposed to heavy loads.

Retaining the beauty of natural stone

Unilock offers a wide range of concrete pavers that bear the exquisite textures of natural stone. These convincing surface textures are cast from real quarried stone using Unilock Reala Surface Technology. Opting for an emulation of natural stone rather than investing in the ‘real deal’ can save you a great amount of money and ensure a longer-lasting surface. Natural stone is often too brittle to be used in high traffic or load bearing areas like driveways and walkways. The Richcliff pavers used here have a pleasant resemblance to bluestone and contrast beautifully against the warmer shades of the wooden structures.

Intricate paver patterns

Small rectilinear concrete pavers, like the Town Hall pavers used here, can be laid in a variety of captivating patterns. This beautiful rustic driveway showcases the visual effect of the herringbone design, while other patterns have different effects on their surfaces. The linear running bond design, for example, can make a paved surface seem longer or wider – depending on the direction in which the pavers are laid. A circular pattern like the Rosette draws attention to its center, creating a focal point that breaks up a large expanse. A paver pattern can be made more eye-catching by using a contrasting jointing material, as the design is made clearer when the edges of the pavers can be easily seen. Consider using a shade that can be found elsewhere within the hardscape for a more cohesive overall design.

Eco-friendly add-ons

These Thornbury pavers bear a beautifully smoky shade of grey and a pleasant flagstone texture. However, their excellence involves more than what meets the eye. These pavers are permeable, allowing rainwater to seep into the soil beneath them. Normally, water accumulates on top of non-permeable surfaces until it eventually flows into storm water drains. Not only is this water kept from the ecosystem, but it can also form puddles that stain the pavers. By opting for permeable concrete pavers, you can ensure a stain-free patio and thriving environment. Once again, the cool hues within these pavers complement warmer undertones within the wicker furniture, fire pit and surrounding vegetation. Striking contrasts like this one often serve to personalize and professionalize a patio design.

Captivating surface designs

Concrete pavers are manufactured using various innovative technologies that can enhance every aspect of the paver, including its appearance. Enduracolor Facemix Technology from Unilock creates pavers with brilliant colors, gradients and patterns that are highly resistant to fading. These Senzo pavers have been selected in the Nuvola color variation and each pavers bears a unique gradient. When combined into a single surface, these personalized pavers form an artwork filled with light and dark areas. The paver pattern used here adds to the spontaneous appeal of the design. Umbriano pavers are also renowned for their captivating gradients that can be combined to form a sea of varying color. 5 Benefits of Opting for Concrete Pavers from Unilock NY


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