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4 Products for a Retaining Wall That Will Last in Dix Hills, NY


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Retaining walls are often treated as design afterthoughts. Sure, they’re utilitarian and serve an important function, but done right, they can also beautify your Dix Hills, NY, landscape today, and many years from now. The trick is to choose materials that will last.


You don’t want to choose wall units that allow water to soak in, because the freeze-thaw cycle could quickly cause them to deteriorate. You don’t want to choose wall units that will fade, because that can diminish the wall’s attractiveness over time. The good news is that your Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you make the right decisions. The following Unilock products feature low permeability and superior color retention—as well as some valuable design and structural features that can make them the ideal choice for your landscape needs.



Standard Retaining Walls


One of the key elements of a wall that will stand the test of time is how it is sloped against the earth behind it; this is called setback. This slope is necessary so that the wall effectively pushes back against the many tons of earth behind it, without bowing or leaning.


Concord Wall from Unilock features a built-in setback that automatically forms the correct slope for a stable wall. The wall units feature a relaxed weathered texture, and three earthy colors (Granite, Sierra, and Almond Grove) work with nearly any architectural style. The three available sizes make Concord Wall ideal for straight or curved applications. Finish the look with Concord Wall Coping.



Heavy Duty Structural Walls


Most retaining walls have a height limit due to the incessant soil pressures and water movement that are often more than a tall wall can handle. In situations where taller walls are needed, the walls must be built large, interlocking heavy-duty wall units and in some cases, engineered reinforcements.


Dura-Hold II wall units from Unilock could be the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. These large scale wall units lock together for stability, and even though the walls are hefty, they feature false joints that give the illusion of many individual blocks—this adds to the perception that the wall is actually smaller than it is, and more suited to residential applications. Dura-Hold II wall units can be used to build gravity walls up to 4 feet high or grid reinforced, engineered walls up to 25 feet high. The smooth finish and neutral color (called Natural) works with both modern and traditional building styles. Coping units are also available to finish the wall.


Another heavy-duty wall system is SienaStone from Unilock. These large scale wall blocks are often used for gravity walls up to 10 feet high, or engineered reinforced walls up to 40 feet high to tame the most severe slope. Available in Natural, Granite, and Sierra, these rustic-faced wall units work well with traditional, ranch-style, or rustic building styles.



Modern Versatility


The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock is a revolution in modern wall design. Not only does this wall system offer multiple styles of fascia panels for unprecedented design opportunities, the optional Large Backer Block in the setback position allows you to build retaining walls up to 3 feet high without a geogrid. Alternatively, the Standard Sure Track Backer Block can be used to construct double-sided walls such as seat walls or planters.


Whichever Unilock wall system you choose, be sure to have your wall installed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor for peace of mind knowing the wall was built to the highest standards.


Get inspired on the ways you can integrate retaining walls into your landscape in the Unilock Dream page.




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