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3 Walkway Pavers That Complement Mostly Green Landscapes in Potomac, MD


The title image features Mattoni walkway pavers with dark accents.


If your landscaping could look just at home on an Irish countryside as it does in Potomac, MD, you likely need pavers that fit in and don’t clash with the vibrant colors of the surroundings. You’ll want your new walkway to look as if it truly belongs. To give you some design inspiration, here are three walkway pavers that complement mostly green landscapes.


Unilock concrete walkway pavers offer several key features that make them ideal for choices, such as slip-resistance, low maintenance, ease of installation, durability, and a wide range of colors.



Choosing Colors


When it comes to colors, earthy or darker hues will help your walkway blend in better with a green landscape. For this more blended look, you likely want to avoid choosing extremely light pavers unless your home is white (and you plan on keeping it that way) because the walkway could end up looking like a stark bright line painted in the grass.


A light-colored walkway could work in a situation, however, where you desire more contrast. Ultra-modern landscape design often plays with contrast and done right, it works very well. For most homes, though, mid- to darker-hued pavers could be the ideal choice if you don’t want your new walkway to overpower the scenery.



Choosing Styles


For a walkway that complements both traditional, rustic, cottage, contemporary, or ultra-modern homes, you perhaps cannot go wrong with the classics: granite, brick, and flagstone. These options are expertly replicated in long-lasting, non-slip, concrete pavers that are available in a wide range of colors.


Granito pavers from Unilock feature either a textured or smooth finish in natural granite shades including Notte, a mid-toned gray with various colored speckles of real granite, or Sabia, which is a warm light brown. These pavers are available either as a rectangle (which can be laid in a traditional running bond) or as a hexagon. The hex shape is more suited to modern homes, although it can add a fun touch to traditional homes. Either of these shapes or colors could be used successfully in a monochromatic green landscape.


Mattoni pavers from Unilock offer a fresh interpretation of the classic Roman brick shape, with an interesting slender profile and chic colors. Cocoa Brown, Sable, and Dark Charcoal give you a variety of colors that blend beautifully with a rich green landscape. Mattoni pavers can be ideal for curved walkways when laid in a running bond in the direction of travel. Or they can be laid in a more dynamic herringbone pattern if you want a more textured appearance.


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock could be the perfect choice for a more rustic walkway. If you love the look of bluestone, this paver delivers. Choose one of the darker colors for best results in a vibrant yet monochromatic landscape. Great choices include Steel Mountain, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, and Almond Grove (the Tuscany blend may be too bright and light for a green landscape, unless you are looking to create a more dramatic walkway that stands out). Two or three colors could even be blended on site to achieve a custom look that picks up a variety of the more subtle colors found in the landscape such as tree bark or rocks.


For more design inspiration, visit the Unilock Dream page or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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