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3 Paving Options to Pair With Natural Stones in Oxford, CT


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Natural stone from Unilock, including Limestone and Sandstone, gives a timeless appeal to both modern and traditional homes in Oxford, CT. But natural stone isn’t recommended for every application. You can achieve a completely unique look by using both natural stone and concrete pavers in dynamic ways to achieve the look you want. Here are three paving options to pair with natural stones.


Natural Stone and Tumbled Pavers


Pairing smooth limestone with a tumbled paver that looks weather-worn can be a great combination suitable for both chic and sophisticated entertaining spaces, as well as relaxed patios.


The weathered, earth-toned Brussels Block pavers from Unilock let you create bold or subtle borders and accents. As well, Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock provides the look of quarried natural stone on vertical features such as pillars or steps and could be supported by nearby natural Sandstone or Limestone to achieve a custom look.


If you want even less contrast, you could try Unilock Camelot pavers, which feature a similarly blocky look but with a smoother finish and slightly rounded edges. This gives the stone look a slightly more refined effect that looks great with natural stone. You could add drama by choosing contrasting colors.


Both Brussels Block and Camelot pavers are suitable for use on driveways. To tie your landscape together, you could use them as accents in all of your pedestrian applications.


Natural Stone and Brick


Brick and stone have often been used together. If you don’t want to be limited to reddish earth tones, then Unilock Copthorne pavers or the larger Town Hall pavers from Unilock let you achieve more subtle contrasts—or use more modern colors—alongside both Sandstone and Limestone.


For example, Copthorne pavers in Steel Blue or Basalt are a stunning complement to Limestone in Hearthstone or Black River. Or enjoy the contrast between these two colors in Copthorne with Limestone in Winter Mist or Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey.


For a warmer look, you could pair Sandstone in Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast with Copthorne pavers in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay; or with Town Hall pavers in Heritage Red, Burgundy Red, or Old Oak.

Mattoni pavers from Unilock feature a slender shape that beautifully complements large-format natural stone. The weathered texture of Mattoni and its three luscious colors—Sable, Cocoa Brown, and Dark Charcoal—can be used to give any natural stone surface a finished look. For example, use Sable or Cocoa Brown with the warmer Sandstone colors, and Dark Charcoal with Stone Cliff Grey, or any of the Limestone colors.


Natural Stone and Cobbles


Like brick, natural stone and cobblestones are a perfect pair. If you prefer the look of small cobblestones such as those you’d find in Prague or Florence, then the soft timeworn sheen of Courtstone pavers from Unilock could be the perfect complement to either Sandstone or Limestone.


If you prefer more ruggedly textured and generously sized cobbles, then Tribeca Cobble from Unilock offers a great contrast to smooth stone. Real granite, marble, and quartz particles give Tribeca Cobble its unique surface appearance reminiscent of granite cobblestones. While Tribeca cobbles are typically installed on driveways (they can also be installed as permeable pavers) they can make a stunning border on any pedestrian space such as a walkway or patio.

Visit the Unilock Dream page for more inspiration on how to pair pavers and natural stone.


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