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3 Paving Options to Accompany Natural Stones in Seaford, DE


The title image features Town Hall pavers.


Modern design styles allow for a mix of materials that showcase the unique characteristics of each material that you choose to incorporate in your landscape. If you’re wondering if you can mix and match natural stone with concrete pavers, the answer is yes! Here are three paving options to accompany natural stones in Seaford, DE.



A Brick Walkway with a Natural Sandstone Patio


Natural Sandstone from Unilock—available in two warm colors and a cool soft dove gray—can work beautifully with the warm reddish tones of brick. The textures and colors will offset each other to create a dynamic space, and you could opt for tying the two materials together by slightly expanding the walkway with a brick paver border.


Town Hall pavers from Unilock are a great choice. Their larger proportions help balance the visual heft of natural stone, and the choice of six blended colors ensures a perfect complement to a sandstone patio. Choose from Heritage Red, Burgundy Red, or Old Oak to achieve an authentic old-brick look. Or the dramatic Basalt color could create a stunning contrast. Burnt Clay and Heritage Clay round out the color choices in these pavers. Town Hall pavers can be installed as permeable pavers, which results in a more eco-friendly walkway that allows rain and snow to seep through to the ground below, rather than causing runoff or pooling.


For an even more dramatic contrast, pair Town Hall with Natural Limestone from Unilock—the cool grays offset the reds of a brick surface and bring an air of sophistication to the space.



A Tumbled-Paver Walkway with a Natural Bluestone Patio


Pavers such as Unilock Brussels Block, which mimics the look of tumbled quarry stone, would give your landscape a wonderful relaxed feel that beautifully complements natural bluestone. It’s a rustic look reminiscent of ancient villages where everyone gathers on plazas and patios to share meals and conversation. Brussels Block pavers are available in five colors that gently complement or boldly contrast the unique shades of bluestone you have on your patio (every bluestone project is different).


Brussels Block is also available as a wall system that matches with the paver materials, or offers an interesting contrast to a bluestone patio.



A Natural Limestone Patio and Walkway Transitioning to a Cobblestone Paver Driveway


Natural Limestone from Unilock is high-quality stone perfect for patios, entryways, and walkways. The distinctive cool grays of Unilock Limestone (Hearthstone and Winter Mist, as well as a dramatic Black River) are sophisticated colors that look amazing next to the more pronounced textures and naturalistic look of Tribeca cobblestone pavers from Unilock. Available in Crystalline Basalt or Peppered Granite, you could choose to create a subtle difference between the two materials—a difference that focuses on texture—or go for a bold look by choosing contrasting colors as well. Use Tribeca cobbles as a new border along the patio and walkway to tie the two areas together.


If you prefer smaller cobbles, choose Courtstone pavers from Unilock. These smooth-textured and small format pavers add the timeless look of well-worn cobblestones, and a delightful contrast to the rougher texture of sandstone. Choose from Pebble Taupe as a subtle border, or create drama by using darker colors such as Dawn Mist, Belgian Blue, or Basalt.


Check out the Unilock Dream page for more inspiration on how to pair natural stone and pavers.



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