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3 Modern Design Concepts that Feature Pavers in the Blue Bell, PA, Area


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth patio pavers and the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System


Whether your landscape renovation in Blue Bell, PA, includes a new outdoor living space, new driveway, or new walkways, you can count on pavers to give you the look and performance you want. Pavers are incredibly versatile materials, too. Here are three modern design concepts that feature pavers.


Any patio, walkway, or driveway can be rejuvenated with pavers. But which pavers should you choose for a modern space? Modern trends are moving away from the look of rustic tumbled stone or flagstone. These materials will continue to have their place in landscape design (for example, beside more rustic or historical homes), but the current trend to complement contemporary architecture tends to favor sleek, minimally textured pavers.


You can also use more modern pavers to breathe new life into a dated landscape.


1. A Free-Flowing Patio


Imagine an open, free-flowing space without clutter. Geometric lines dominate and create a crisp, clean look. The surfaces are smooth, and the jointing sand mirrors the colors of the pavers for an expansive feel. While modern design prioritizes function over ornamentation, it’s still a beautiful space: Pavers and wall units are noteworthy features in and of themselves.


Large format square or rectangular pavers create a visually larger space. They can be ideal for tiny patios that would otherwise be too visually cluttered if covered with small pavers. They are also magnificent when used on large patios with a commanding presence.


Examples of modern large-format pavers from Unilock include Arcana and Skyline in a square format, and Beacon Hill Smooth and Senzo in a rectangular format. Each paver features smooth textures and modern color schemes perfect for sophisticated patios and walkways.



2. A Chic Walkway


Brick offers long-lasting style. Unilock Copthorne pavers give a walkway the classic flair; the Steel Blue color option pairs well with modern homes and landscapes. Long, slender Mattoni pavers from Unilock feature an eye-catching distressed finish. Unilock Artline pavers are available in random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths and two widths as well as two finishes that can be mixed and matched or used individually for a completely unique patio or walkway.


Large format pavers can also be used on walkways if you want to keep the look more unified and prefer a straight, linear walkway. Another modern trend is to separate large format pavers with grass, gravel, or pebbles to create a linear yet soft stepping stone walkway.



3. A Paver Driveway


Here’s an option for adding elegance to a modern home.These pavers are also extremely practical. Since a paver driveway isn’t a solid surface and pavers are virtually impervious to water absorption, it will hold up to soil movement and the freeze-thaw cycle much better than poured concrete or asphalt. Your driveway won’t crack, heave, or crumble. In the unlikely event a paver should need repairing, it can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the driveway.


Pavers can be installed over a driveway heating system that will virtually eliminate the need for plowing—especially if you choose a permeable option!


Eco-Promenade are permeable plank style pavers from Unilock. A slightly larger gap between Eco-Promenade units allows water to flow through instead of running off the surface. Eco-Promenade pavers are available in two finishes that can be mixed to create a dynamic driveway, or installed individually for a more cohesive look.


Other Unilock pavers that are ideal for modern driveways include Copthorne, Mattoni, and Granito pavers, which feature a trending hexagonal honeycomb shape for a distinctive—and unabashedly fun—look.


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