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3 Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Landscape With Stone Pavers in Ferndale, MD


The title image features Richcliff pavers.


The most beautiful landscapes reflect the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality. After all, you want to enjoy being outdoors, not just admire your Ferndale, MD, landscape from inside the home. If you’ve been considering a landscape renovation, here are three ideas for creating a beautiful landscape with stone pavers.



The Driveway: First Impressions

The driveway is often the first thing people see, and perhaps nothing would add more elegance to the front of your home than Town Hall pavers. These pavers, which are inspired by vintage North American street pavers, add a historic charm to your driveway; their substantial size visually balances a spacious landscape or a grand home. For a truly unique character-filled look, you could opt for blending several of the available colors randomly on site. And they can be installed either traditionally or on a permeable base.


Updating your driveway with permeable concrete pavers could be the perfect solution for a durable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly driveway. Unlike a solid surface that forces surface water (rain or snow) to run off onto the landscape, permeable paver driveways feature expanded joints to allow the water to seep to the ground below, where it will naturally re-enter the aquifer. The result: a drier and safer driveway. When you combine these pavers with a driveway heating system, you’ll enjoy a virtually maintenance-free driveway (no shoveling, no built-up ice, just a gorgeous surface you and your guests will enjoy year-round).



The Walkway: A Warm Welcome

Choosing the right walkway paver is important. Not only does the right paver complement the home’s aesthetic, but it also has to offer safe and sure-footed passage to your front door. Unilock pavers are non-slip, whether they are heavily textured or appear honed with a fine finish.


Make an elegant statement at your home’s entry with the chic Umbriano paver. The timeless look of granite pairs well with nearly any architectural style, and EasyClean stain resistance means these pavers offer superior color retention and ease of cleanup.



Where the Action Happens: Patio and Pool Deck

The heart of outdoor living is, of course, the patio. If you have a pool that’s separate from your patio, you may wish to present a unified look by choosing one paver throughout. Or you could use complementary pavers for a more dynamic look.


One of the most popular patio pavers is Richcliff, due to its hyper-realistic flagstone texture. It is the paver of choice for homeowners who admire the look of bluestone but prefer a concrete paver. This versatile paver can be used on your patio, pool deck, walkways, or driveway.


You can of course use this paver throughout your landscape, but if you want your pool deck and your patio to look different—to have their own personality so to speak—then you could pair Richcliff with the chic Mattoni paver. For example, you could use Mattoni to create a classic, refined pool deck, and then use Mattoni as a border that surrounds Richcliff pavers on the patio.


As you can see, concrete pavers from Unilock have a variety of wonderful uses throughout your landscape. For more inspiration, visit the Unilock Dream page, or get in touch with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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