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3 Design Tips for Using Unilock Natural Stone in Fredericksburg, VA


The title image features Unilock Sandstone in Indian Coast.



Updating your landscape with natural stone is an investment in beauty and practicality that will continue giving you amazing returns for many years. To achieve this result for your Fredericksburg, VA, outdoor living space, consider these three design tips for using Unilock natural stone.




Design Flexibility


Natural stone options from Unilock are available in large sizes (12”x24”, 18”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x36”) that pair well with any architectural style.


Limestone adds sophistication with its finely grained texture and cool colors. Limestone is available in two shades of gray (Hearthstone and Winter Mist) as well as Black River, which is a dark, dramatic hue perfect for creating eye-catching spaces.

The captivating patterns of Sandstone make for unique outdoor living spaces with relaxed, rustic appeal. Sandstone is available in two richly patterned warm tones (Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast) as well as a soft neutral Stone Cliff Grey.




Guaranteed Quality


Unilock sources its natural stone based on beauty, but also flexural strength and low water absorption to prevent splitting and damage from the freeze-thaw cycle. Each stone is also backed by the Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.




Ideas for Natural Stone


Taking indoor living to the patio. Modern landscaping aims to re-create indoor aesthetics and practicality in the great outdoors. It’s more and more common to find amenities such as full outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, with luxurious seating under a shelter such as pergola.


What’s underfoot in your living spaces is just as important to the overall look as what’s around you. Indoors, hardwood floors are the epitome of elegance. Outdoors, natural stone achieves the same elegant look.


Choose your stone depending on how much emphasis you want to place on the patio surface: limestone makes for a stunning backdrop for vertical features and stylish furniture, much like you would see at a luxury spa. It never blends into the background or gets boring, however, due to each stone’s unique characteristics.


Limestone offers a more dramatic look reminiscent of sandy beaches or Mediterranean villas. The wonderful variations in colors and veining create a dynamic look that’s filled with personality.




Less lawn, more interest


Reducing the amount of time you spend on a thirsty, fussy lawn means more time spent with family and friends. In addition, reducing your environmental impact by minimizing the size of your backyard lawn opens up many possibilities for a truly stunning landscape. You could of course add to the size of your patio using natural stone. Or you could add separate mini patios (e.g., beside a pond or water feature, or in a tucked-away meditation nook).


Replacing some of the lawn with plant beds bursting with color and lush foliage invites the desire to amble through the landscape. The large sizes of Unilock natural stone make this an appealing option for stepping-stone paths that meander through the landscape in an unhurried, contemplative way.




Modern flair


Modern landscape design often features geometric shapes that give landscapes a formal but unfussy look. Stepping-stone or mortared walkways can connect various individual living spaces and open up opportunities for adding texture with decorative pebbles between each stone.


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