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3 Concrete Pavers That Will Make Your Walkway a Conversation Piece

Walkways direct traffic flow throughout your landscape, from one destination to the next. But as the old saying goes, it’s often more about the journey than the destination. Therefore your walkways deserve just as much attention and investment as your outdoor rooms, ponds and other primary landscape features. Concrete pavers add a formal and luxurious touch to the surfaces they adorn, creating pathways as extravagant as the features they connect. In addition, they will grant your walkways the unbeatable strength of concrete and will bring about a barrier against harsh weather conditions. Consider investing in the following Unilock products to set yourself on the path to an inviting, yet functional walkway.

Town Hall

Town Hall pavers can be laid in a variety of intricate patterns, from herringbone to basket weave designs. These paver patterns add visual depth and variety to the walkway, while their interlock strengthens the surface. In addition to their combined strength, Town Hall pavers are individually strong, boasting a strength up to four times greater than that of poured concrete.
Town Hall pavers come in a variety of versatile shades, including rich browns such as Old Oak and Burnt Clay, which are known to create striking contrasts when paired with ash-colored materials such as Almond Grove Camelot pavers. These earthy pavers are also great candidates for walkways that blend into the surrounding garden, as their surfaces will echo the shades within mulch beds and fertile soil. Edging refers to a paving barrier that prevents plant beds from growing out onto adjacent pathways. Town Hall pavers are narrow, uniform and great candidates for neat, subtle edging. The Burnt Clay color variation complements the warmth of Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers and the pairing looks superb beside any greenery that the edging keeps at bay.


Shaping a walkway using large format pavers should result in a modern, sophisticated design while smaller pavers create more informal paths that seem to have materialized naturally and effortlessly. Unilock’s Umbriano pavers contribute their geometry, clean lines and smooth surface textures to the walkways they create, helping to achieve an essence of contemporary elegance. Framing a sleek Umbriano walkway with abundant plant life can create a pleasant contrast between the uniformity of the pavers and the soft, untamed shapes within nature.
Umbriano pavers have a unique, speckled surface due to a random dispersion of color and granite particles. They can therefore add the grandeur of granite to your walkway at a fraction of the price. The color variation Summer Wheat is a popular partner to rich greenery and lawns, as its warm sandy undertones are accentuated by vibrant greens.
Umbriano pavers satisfy the three main considerations involved in selecting a material for front yard walkways – curb appeal, complementing the home’s architecture and safety. Umbriano pavers offer a range of versatile shades that are not only breathtakingly elegant, but can also be used to complement a variety of architectural styles. Despite their smooth finishes, these pavers bear a non-slip surface that will ensure the uncompromised safety of those who tread on them.

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The classic European appearance of these pavers can add a charming, time-worn touch to rustic walkways. Unilock’s Courtstone pavers are popular candidates for meandering, flowing paths through abundantly green landscapes as their irregular surfaces make it look more natural. The pleasant variety of shades available, from dark Basalt to an earthy Pebble Taupe, promise to compliment a variety of landscape designs. These color variations can also be paired with different shades of jointing sand, either a common shade that is echoed throughout the landscape or one that creates a pleasant contrast against the cobblestones. An expanse of Basalt Courtstone pavers, for example, can be lightened and enhanced by their contrast against tan colored sand.
Courtstone pavers can also be used to create borders that neatly frame the walkway for a ‘finished’ look. Plantings can also serve to accentuate the shape of a walkway, by using a box hedge to frame a straight path, for example. Small accent pavers can also be used to make certain parts of a walkway look different, indicating that the visitor has arrived at a destination such as a bench or water feature. The width of the path at these points can also be varied, widening into the outdoor room and serving as a subtle entrance.
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