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Hardscape Design Considerations

Things to Consider When Looking At Hardscape Features For Your Outdoor Spaces

Hardscaping is the permanent, structural features of your yard - pathways, patios, stone steps, pillars, retaining walls, pool decks, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens with grill islands. Softscaping is the living elements around your property such as trees, flowers, grass and shrubs. When artfully combined, the blend of hardscape design with softscaping elements creates a harmonious setting for outdoor living. Hardscape design is the foundation Typically, your outdoor design begins with the hardscaping. It will form the structure that will be filled out later by softscaping elements. Let’s look at some hardscape design considerations.

Hardscaping elements can be both practical and aesthetical. Examples of practical hardscaping would be retaining walls to turn a slope into a flat area for a garden or to prevent soil erosion, or a walkway to direct visitors to your front door.

Some hardscaping elements may be purely for visual interest to draw people in such as pillars, an outdoor fireplace, or a half wall to define an outdoor room. Make a loose map of your property indicating hardscape features you want. Be realistic. In an average backyard, hardscape elements should be about one-third of the total space to maintain a good visual balance. Consider how your hardscaping elements will work in relation to existing features of your yard. For example, a firepit shouldn’t be placed too closed to the house.

If you’re planning a garden with a half wall for seating, you’ll want it in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Then, link your hardscaping elements with walkways to envision how people will flow through your yard.

Next, take hardscaping materials into consideration. Choose pavers that complement your home’s colors and work with existing hardscaping elements such as your driveway or the stone steps leading to your front entrance. The Unilock collection of concrete pavers, paving stones and natural paving stones provide endless opportunities to bring your personal style to your outdoor living spaces.

Find inspiration for your hardscape projects, or visit an outdoor idea center to view our settings, and compare colors and textures in person. Just imagine the possibilities.

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