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How to Pick Walkway Pavers That Complement the Existing Hardscape in Dover, NJ

How to Pick Walkway Pavers That Complement the Existing Hardscape in Dover, NJ

The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone, Courtstone, and Copthorne pavers.


Finding a new walkway that looks like it has always belonged with your existing hardscape can be a challenge, especially if your hardscape is made with materials that are either no longer available (such as a particular shade of natural stone). In this article, we’ll show you how to pick walkway pavers that complement the existing hardscape in Dover, NJ.


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A mixed material project is usually more interesting than a hardscape that uses just one material. And best of all, mixing materials doesn’t mean your landscape will look chaotic. There are several ways to incorporate various types of hardscape material into a unified yet one-of-a-kind look.


The Look of Flagstone

If your patio paver field uses natural flagstone or concrete pavers with a flagstone texture, you can carry the flagstone over to the walkway in the form of a border, and use brick as the main paver field for the walkway. Copthorne pavers from Unilock pair very well with flagstone. To complement your flagstone, choose one of the five available colors (Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and Steel Blue).


For a more dynamic look, blend two or three of these onsite. Your walkway will have its own character, but because of the flagstone borders and the complementary colors, it will fit right in. Bristol Valley pavers are available in 7” x 14-¼” rectangles, which are perfect as borders. Choose from Bavarian, New York Blend, or Steel Mountain based on the dominant shades of your patio.


If your patio pavers are still available, you could also use them as the main field in your walkway, and use Copthorne pavers laid in a soldier bond (perpendicular to traffic) as your border.


Or you could continue the patio pavers into the walkway in a diamond pattern and create contrast and drama with a strong border such as 8” x 16” Senzo pavers, which are available in three rich colors: Cremo, Mocha Brown, or Midnight Charcoal.

If you have uncut flagstone on your patio, you could contrast it with a linear walkway that curves through the landscape: the curves pick up on the irregular nature of the flagstone, and the linear running bond laying pattern gives the walkway a structured look. A paver that would work well in this application is the slender Mattoni paver in Sable. Use a tumbled paver such as Brussels Block in Almond Grove or Sandstone as a border—its more weathered texture pairs well with both Mattoni pavers and natural flagstone.


As with the other ideas, if you have enough flagstone left over for an entire walkway, you could simply use Brussels Block or Mattoni pavers as the border to give the walkway its own character.

Brick-Style Pavers

In general, you can’t go wrong by using brick-style pavers to complement an existing patio, pool deck, or driveway. Brick is the “little black dress” of pavers. The shape is conducive to any shape walkway. It is ideal both the main field and as a border. And with the many colors and sizes available in Unilock brick-style pavers (Copthorne, Mattoni, and Town Hall) you can be sure that this versatile paver is ideal for a beautiful walkway that fits in with your existing hardscape and stays true to your aesthetics.


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