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How Natural Stone Takes a Pool and Spa to the Next Level in Franklin Lakes, NJ

How Natural Stone Takes a Pool and Spa to the Next Level in Franklin Lakes, NJ
The title image features a Natural Stone poolscape.


When it’s time for a backyard renovation that includes a pool and spa, you want to go with materials that will look beautiful, last, and hold their value. Natural stone from Unilock fits all those requirements. Here’s how natural stone can take a pool and spa to the next level in Franklin Lakes, NJ.


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Reasons to Consider Natural Stone

Natural stone can be the ideal choice if you want a unique space that isn’t cookie-cutter. Each natural stone, even from the same batch from the same quarry, will have subtle or dramatic differences—nuances of color, patterning, texture, and so on. And that’s the beauty of it. A pool or spa deck that features natural stone will be a stunning addition to your backyard, filled with rich character and interest.


Natural stone is long-lasting and durable. The original building material has stood the test of time throughout the world: You can still find plazas, roads, and walkways made thousands of years ago that are still in use today! You can expect your poolscape to last for many, many years since Unilock only sources natural stone that features low absorption, freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength so that your pool or spa deck won’t succumb to the weather.


The colors of natural stone are like the “little black dress” of building materials: they go with everything. Unilock offers two types of natural stone: limestone and sandstone. Choose limestone for elegant and sophisticated spaces, and sandstone for outdoor living areas that welcome visitors with their rustic warmth.


Limestone Vs. Sandstone

What are the similarities and differences between limestone and sandstone? Both types of stone come in large format squares and rectangles. This gives your pool or spa area a fresh and clean look, and minimizes cleaning joint lines. Both limestone and sandstone can be installed over an existing pool or spa surround (one that’s in good shape), which will give you a fresh new outdoor space far more quickly than starting from scratch.


Making the Best Choice

Limestone from Unilock brings a touch of elegance to your pool/spa area. Two of the three colors—Hearthstone and Winter Mist—are ideal for pool and spa areas because they will remain cool underfoot. You’ll enjoy the unique variations of grays, blues, and browns within these colors. Use the dramatic Black River color as an accent or border but avoid using this stone as a field stone unless the space is in full shade, as the dark color can become quite hot in the sun.


Sandstone from Unilock can give your pool and spa area a distinctive “on vacation” feel. The warm colors of Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast bring to mind faraway sandy beaches, and the soft Stone Cliff Grey can inspire thoughts of the mist rolling in from the sea. Either way, sandstone can re-create the feel of your favorite vacation getaway, right in your own backyard.


Taking your backyard pool and spa area to the next level starts with what’s underfoot. You’ll enjoy a durable non-slip surface that can serve as a blank canvas for specialty touches like fire features, fountains, dramatic borders and accents, and retaining walls. Both limestone and sandstone are color- and style-compatible with a wide range of Unilock wall products; and you can even use natural limestone or sandstone steps, coping, and pillar caps to give your project a finished look.


Take inspiration from the Unilock Dream page, and use natural stone to give your pool and spa deck unparalleled character and charm. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that natural stone from Unilock is covered by our transferable lifetime guarantee for residential installations.


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