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Get Your Pool Deck Ready for Spring and Summer With These 7 Paver Options in Pearl River, NY


The title image features an Umbriano Pool Deck



Warmer days will be here before we know it. Will your pool deck be ready for summer fun? You can get your Pearl River, NY, pool deck ready for spring and summer with these seven paver options. A new pool deck can completely rejuvenate your pool area and make it the hub of family fun this summer.



Prioritizing Safety

Safety is always the first consideration for any wet areas such as pool decks or hot tub surrounds. You’ll be glad to know that Unilock pavers feature non-slip surfaces regardless of their texture. In fact, two popular poolside pavers with smooth textures include the chic large-format Skyline paver or Beacon Hill Smooth, a relaxed flagstone-inspired paver. These pavers bring a lot of character to the space along with barefoot comfort and safety.


Skyline pavers are 24” square, which makes for an expansive beach-like pool surround. Beacon Hill Smooth has the look of flagstone but in a smooth texture. Beacon Hill Smooth is sold in moderately sized random bundles for an easygoing laying pattern.


Durability and Ease of Maintenance

You want to spend more time enjoying your pool than maintaining it, and the same goes for the areas around your pool, which are particularly vulnerable to moisture damage. Poolside pavers are regularly exposed to chlorine and other pool chemicals, which can stain and etch unsealed materials. 


To extend the life of your pool deck and make cleanup chores easier, choose Unilock pavers sealed with EasyClean Stain Resistance. Not only are they impervious to pool and household chemicals and acidic food and beverages, but they also absorb far less water to give them exceptional durability during the freeze-thaw cycle.


Pavers that feature EasyClean include Umbriano, which is a modern paver with a dramatic mottled color, and Arcana pavers, another modern paver with unique colors and a silky matte texture. 


Umbriano pavers feature randomly dispersed granite particles for depth of character, and a color palette ideally suited to modern spaces. Arcana pavers, too, feature randomly dispersed granite particles as well as marble and quartz, plus a fine-blasted silky texture that makes for an eye-catching surface with tremendous character.


If your tastes run toward more traditional pavers, you could surround your pool with the flagstone-inspired Bristol Valley paver, which features a subtle texture and blended colors that blend in perfectly with a natural setting. The moderately sized random bundle favors a relaxed random-looking laying pattern. Or you could opt for the new XL rectangle for a more expansive feel.



A Touch of Whimsy

Pool decks are all about having fun. Your choice of materials can trend toward “serious fun”—practical pavers with a more unusual design. Two pavers that give your space a unique flair include the Hex paver (a hexagonal shape that is very on-trend) available in three different finishes and seven colors; or the Granito paver, which features a boldly mottled granite finish as well as a choice of traditional square/rectangular shapes and a hexagonal shape. Both the Hex and Granito Hex pavers can also be used on patios, walkways, and driveways if you prefer a cohesive look throughout your landscape.


A new pool deck is an important investment in your landscape. Unilock is committed to offering the best pavers to suit not only your design aesthetic and practical needs, but also your lifestyle.  


Learn more about the many reasons to choose Unilock on our Learn and Plan page, and get the ideas rolling on your amazing new pool deck!

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