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Experience Endless Design Possibilities With a U-Cara Retaining Wall in Ballenger Creek, MD

Experience Endless Design Possibilities With a U-Cara Retaining Wall in Ballenger Creek, MD

The title image features a U-Cara Retaining Wall with Ledgestone coping.


Retaining walls can be stunning focal points when you choose the right materials. Here’s how to experience endless design possibilities with a U-Cara retaining wall in Ballenger Creek, MD, to establish a retaining wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock lets you create one-of-a-kind retaining walls for any design aesthetic. This wall system won the prestigious Red Dot Award thanks to its unique approach that integrates two components for structural strength, ease of installation, and incredible design flexibility:


Sure Track Backer Blocks

The U-Cara system uses Sure Track Backer Blocks to provide a strong and dimensionally accurate “skeleton.” Use the Standard Sure Track Backer Block for single or double-sided vertical landscape features. For retaining walls intended to hold back soil, use the Large Backer Block in the setback position for the perfect angle for a structurally sound and durable retaining walls up to 3 feet high. Unlike natural stone walls where individual stones are cut onsite, the Sure Track system and interlocking fascia panels allow for fast installation.


Various Choices

Mix and match 11 colors and four different finishes to achieve a wall with personality. Whether you want a sleek modern look, a rustic hand-hewn look (or a little of both), the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System offers the perfect solution.


The U-Cara Multi-face Wall System complements Unilock pavers, steps, and coping. This means that any vertical element (retaining walls, stand-alone beverage centers, planters, bar peninsulas, fire pits, water features, outdoor fireplaces, grill islands, columns and pillars, water features, and more) will maintain consistent colors, textures, and finishes throughout your hardscapes.


Design Ideas for Your Retaining Wall

The main appeal of the U-Cara system is the range of design choices. With most wall systems, your design choices are limited to a rough-hewn, smooth, or tumbled texture, with few choices for adding decorative accents. For U-Cara, you can stick to one product line to achieve the look you want. If your decorating aesthetic is eclectic and you don’t want to be confined to any particular style, mix and match panel colors, textures, and sizes in any combination!


Achieve a rustic retaining wall using the Pitched face fascia panel in Bavarian, Fossil, or Steel Mountain. Accent the wall on the second-from-the-top level with a contrasting band such as the narrow Series Exposed panel in Black Granite, Onyx Black, or Peppered Granite. Finish the wall with the pitched-edge Ledgestone coping in Buff or Grey. Or modernize the rustic look by choosing Universal Coping in Light Grey, Tan, or Midnight Charcoal. The smooth Universal Coping beautifully contrasts the textured Pitched panels. A contrasting band serves as a perfect way to complement a granite countertop.


Seat walls are useful additions to a patio, but they can often feel too heavy. For a less prominent look, use panels with the Smooth finish in the warm and inviting Opal Blend or the sophisticated yet relaxed Steel Mountain. Or choose the modern Umbriano Mottled finish in French Grey, Summer Wheat, or Winter Marvel. This finish adds dimension and interest thanks to randomly dispersed granite particles. Finish the seat wall with a generous Universal Coping in Light Grey, Tan, or Midnight Charcoal.


Clad existing walls using the U-Cara Wall Mount System to create a unified theme throughout your hardscapes without major renovations: for example, add a raised herb garden by your patio or a pizza oven to an existing grill station.


Get inspired on the many ways you can integrate vertical elements into your landscape in the Unilock Dream page.


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