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Building a Retaining Wall That Complements a Nature-Inspired Landscape Design in Albany, NY

Building a Retaining Wall That Complements a Nature-Inspired Landscape Design in Albany, NY

The title image features Rivercrest Wall.


If there’s one man-made element that can bring the delights of nature to your backyard, it’s the humble yet dramatic retaining wall. Retaining walls are so much more than their most practical use (to hold back the earth). They define spaces, add interest, and can even house outdoor lighting and plumbing for a gorgeous, clutter-free look. Here are our top tips for choosing a retaining wall that complements a nature-inspired landscape design in Albany, NY.


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To achieve a wall that appears as if it has always been there, seek out materials that look like they belong in the landscape—perfect in their imperfection, as if they were hand-picked from around the yard.


Rivercrest Wall

The award-winning Rivercrest Wall system from Unilock gives you the timeless look of stacked flagstone in Buff or Coastal Slate. Hundreds of real stone surfaces were cast using Reala Technology, which means an authentic stone look without repeating patterns. Rivercrest Wall isn’t just beautiful, it’s practical. Natural settings often call for curved walls that follow the contours of the land, and it doesn’t get any easier to build a curved retaining wall than with Rivercrest Wall. Add a finishing touch to your wall using the Rivercrest Rapid Pillar system. Tie the wall into your hardscape by opting for the construction of fire pits using Rivercrest Wall; adding seat walls, planters, or water features; and facing your outdoor kitchen or grill station with Rivercrest Wall.


Brussels Dimensional System

For a completely different yet also easy-going natural look, consider the budget-friendly Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock. Its antiqued blocks are simple and timeless and will give your wall the look of weathered quarried stone. The versatile wall blocks can be just right for either straight or curved walls. Choose from New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra, Limestone, or Almond Grove. These natural colors will complement any architectural style, and you can finish the look with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, pillars, water features, and grill island.


U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

If you prefer the look of large, hand-hewn stone, look no further than the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock. While this wall system is typically associated with modern spaces, the Pitched face veneer style (in Bavarian, Fossil, or Steel Mountain) gives you a substantial rustic look that can be made more sophisticated with accent banding in a smoother texture. For example, pair the Pitched face veneer in Steel Mountain with a band of Series Exposed finish in Black Granite. U-Cara walls would give your outdoor space a touch of sophistication while honoring the natural materials.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

Natural landscapes don’t have to be “wild.” You can balance the randomness of nature and enjoy the best of both worlds by choosing a wall system that delivers the natural appearance of stone along with sleek, modern proportions. Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock offers a simple design aesthetic with a long, linear look that contrasts beautifully with the textures of various natural elements. This wall choice is available in natural colors (Sierra, Midnight Charcoal, Limestone, or Almond Grove) that complement any style.


Finish the look of any wall with pillars, steps, and cap stones using Ledgestone for a rustic hand-hewn aesthetic; Universal Coping for a smooth modern surface; or the relaxed, rounded Brussels Fullnose coping.


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