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There are many reasons to choose Unilock Natural Stone for your natural stone project, be it to take advantage of its high quality, its beautiful natural appearance, or to support the ethical processing of imported stone. Before you decide to settle for any other brand for your patio, pool deck, walkways, or front entrance, read these key points on why Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is ideal for your project:

Gorgeous Shades of Sandstone and Limestone

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is available in both Sandstone and Limestone varieties, each with their own unique characteristics. Limestone has a fine grain and honed texture with deep and gentle colors that serve design themes as varied as modern, traditional, and formal. The color variations available in Limestone include assorted handsome gray shades, such as the deep charcoal of Black River, cool Hearthstone, and the light silver of Winter Mist. All three shades of Limestone are ideal for creating a hardscape with a relaxed and sophisticated ambience and can be used to highlight more vibrant colors in the design, such as that of throw cushions, vegetation, or warmly colored vertical elements.

Unilock Sandstone presents a richer surface texture with a coarser grain, similar to that of sea sand. For this reason, Sandstone can be used to add a beach-like feel to poolsides and patios if chosen in a suitable sandy shade, such as that provided by Autumn Harvest. As well as this sunny option, Unilock Sandstone is available in the Indian Coast color variation. This warm color option has the potential to add a sense of comfort and coziness to any patio project. The pleasant red/brown of its surface is brought to life by natural veins of dark reds, giving it detail that is hard to overlook.

A more subtle option is presented by the Stone Cliff Grey color option, which offers a contrast of rich texture and subdued coloring that is perfect for creating elegant hardscapes with a contemporary feel.

A Variety of Shapes

Both Sandstone and Limestone slabs from Unilock are available in a variety of large format size options, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your patio, poolside, front entrance, or walkways. These sizes include a 12 x 24 inch rectangle, an 18 x 24 inch rectangle, a 24 x 24 inch square, and a 24 x 36 inch slab. These options allow for randomized and grid-like laying patterns, as well as everything in between.

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Natural Edge Coping for a Textured Finish

To continue the motif of natural stone throughout your hardscape, Sandstone and Limestone from Unilock are available in Natural Edge Coping units, which can be used on top of walls, as pool coping, step treads, and for seat walls. The coping units present a richly textured edge that can create contrast against smooth wall units, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone, or simply to inject an extra layer of detail into your hardscape. All four edges of the Natural Edge Coping units display a rugged texture, allowing both sides of a low wall and wall ends to show off the rich texture of natural stone. Natural Stone Coping is available in 12 x 48, 12 x 72, 16 x 48, and 16 x 72 inch sized units.

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Full nose Coping for Comfort

For a smoother finish, you may also opt for a Fullnose Coping option. Natural Stone Fullnose Coping presents a rounded edge that maximizes comfort and a refined aesthetic. This coping option is ideal for seat walls and pool coping. Fullnose Coping units are available in 12 x 48 and 12 x 72 inch sizes. Natural Edge Step Units For designs that favor solid steps, as opposed to constructed risers and treads, Unilock offers Natural Edge Step units in both Sandstone and Limestone. These hefty units create outdoor steps that are visually impressive while offering an authentic natural appearance. Natural Edge Step units can be installed to create straight and curved steps that make traversing a hilly landscape easier, or simply to connect the various levels of a multi-level patio. They are available in 16 x 48 and 16 x 72 inch sizes.

Pillar Caps as a Final Touch

If your landscape design includes the use of pillars, either as stand-alone elements or as part of a wall system, you can add Sandstone or Limestone Pillar Caps to match your flooring to create uniformity. As well as being a stunning finishing touch, pillar caps serve as the foundation for decorative lighting features and can even serve as additional space for snacks or beverages. You can make sure your pillars captivate along with the rest of your hardscape by using Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone Pillar Caps as part of your outdoor setup.

Transferable Lifetime Guarantee

Unilock Natural Stone is covered by the Transferable Lifetime Guarantee that Unilock has stood behind for the last 40 years. The guarantee extends to Unilock wall units and pavers, ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with the materials that you choose for your hardscape. Superior Properties Unilock is so committed to quality that we have set our internal standards of manufacturing and processing far above and beyond the industry standards set by ASTM, CSA, and European organizations. As a result, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone has been treated to ensure low water absorption and the ability to withstand the expansion and earth shifting involved in freeze/thaw cycles.

Fair and Ethical Processing

In addition, Unilock Natural Stone offers a high degree of flexural strength, and is precisely cut and calibrated to ensure a perfect fit. The rich colors offered by Unilock Natural Stone are also protected from fading and enhanced by a range of surface treatments. Fair and Ethical Processing Unilock Natural Stone is imported from throughout Europe and Asia, so as a commitment to both quality and the wider global community, Unilock Natural Stone is quarried, transported, and processed according the strict standards set by the Ethical Trade Initiative. This means that fair wages are paid and safe working conditions are ensured throughout the supply chain. In addition, no child labor is used.


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