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Try These Permeable Concrete Pavers for a Cooler Patio

Try These Permeable Concrete Pavers for a Cooler Patio

The beginning of summer inspires many homeowners to look for ways to keep their patios and hardscapes cooler. One way to achieve this is by incorporating Unilock permeable pavers into your patio remodel. Permeable pavers allow water to flow quickly through the jointing lines to be directed into rainwater harvesting systems or return to natural underground water sources. The result of this is that permeable pavers do not produce the “heat island” effect that is common with poured concrete pavers and other types of non-breathable hardscape surfaces. This means that a permeable paver patio remains at a more comfortable temperature for you and your family, while simultaneously benefiting the natural environment. Unilock permeable pavers are ideal, not for patios and backyard hardscapes, but for driveways and walkways throughout your landscape. Here are some permeable pavers from Unilock to consider for your patio remodel before summer hits full swing:


Town Hall

Town Hall pavers present a classic brick appearance with colors directly inspired by historical street brick pavers. These colors include Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay, which can be combined to form a 3 Color Blend for depth and variation. Town Hall also offers the Heritage Red and Heritage Clay color options, which incorporate cool undertones and can be combined to form the Heritage 2 Color Blend for a more varied surface. Offering the ideal option for contrasting accents, borders and banding is the Basalt color option, a dark charcoal that will highlight the main field of your patio.

These colors are produced using EnduraColor Facemix Technology and are highly resistant to wear and fading.

Town Hall is also reinforced using Ultima Concrete Technology, making it ideal for heavy residential, and even commercial vehicular loads, and up to four times the strength of poured concrete.

This paver is compatible with both permeable and non-permeable installation methods and can be used to create warm and welcoming driveways, patios, walkways, and other hardscape features.


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Eco-Line pavers from Unilock are both beautiful and heavy duty, and because they can be mechanically installed, they’re also particularly useful for large-scale and commercial projects.

Eco-Line pavers are cost effective and are the ideal solution for creating an environmentally friendly hardscape on a budget.

These pavers offer extreme versatility and customizability, with a range of custom colors and finishes available. Eco-Line’s custom finishes include the Standard Finish, the smooth surface of the Premier Finish, the highly detailed Brushed Finish and the rich texture of the Washed Finish. Eco-Line also presents a huge range of size options for variation and flexibility.



For a permeable patio with the look of natural cut stone, Thornbury pavers are the answer. Thornbury pavers offer a dramatic natural flagstone surface texture and rugged jointing lines that allow water to pass through when installed on a permeable base. As well as being an attractive choice for patios and excellent for a relaxed poolside aesthetic, Thornbury is suitable for both commercial and residential vehicular loads and can be used to create driveways that are cooler in summer and offer reduced ice build-up in winter.

The rich texture of Thornbury can be paired with the characterful pitched edge of Ledgestone for steps and coping to create a stunning look for your patio or pool deck.

Thornbury is available in a range of warm, earthy, and neutral colors to match almost any color scheme and blend into the natural environment.


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Similarly to Eco-Line, Eco-Promenade pavers are completely customizable, both in terms of color and finish. Eco-Promenade are available by special order only. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor or Unilock Representative for more information.

Eco-Promenade pavers offer a plank-like look that is sleek and modern, and is strong enough for commercial and residential driveways, as well as beautiful patios. Because of the versatility of the size and color options, Eco-Promenade can also be used to create attractive accents and border designs for your permeable hardscape design.


City Park Paver

City Park Paver is a unique paver with the traditional urban hexagonal shape. The hexagonal shape of City Park Paver allows it to be used for patterning that is not achievable with regular paver shapes. In addition, a range of custom finishes presented by this paver makes it a versatile option for a host of different design styles.

Among City Park Paver’s various finish options is the Umbriano finish. This finish offers a realistic, granite-like appearance with the benefit of EasyClean Stain Resistance, a powerful integral stain protection technology. The colors of City Park Pavers are also protected from fading with the help of EnduraColor Facemix Technology, an advanced manufacturing technology that ensures hard-wearing and UV resistant surface color. This means that if you are able to use City Park Paver for your patio, your hardscape can stay cool, clean and visually stunning through the summer and year after year.


The title image features a Thornbury patio with Ledgestone and Town Hall accents.


Try These Permeable Concrete Pavers for a Cooler Patio


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