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The Perfect Finishing Touches to Complete Your Hardscape

The Perfect Finishing Touches to Complete Your Hardscape

Often, the last details on a landscaping project make all the difference. Unilock not only provides stunning pavers and other products to form the basis of any kind of hardscape, but also the wall units, coping, and other components to create gorgeous elements to finish a project off. Here are some finishing touches you don’t want to miss out on:



By adding pillars to your hardscape design, you can create a finished appearance for your low walls, seating walls, and retaining walls. Pillars can also be used to create attractive footings for pergolas and pavilions, or be used as standalone features to add subtle definition to a space, serve as housing for landscape lighting, or as surfaces for serving drinks and snacks.

With Rivercrest Wall’s rapid pillar system, beautiful, dependable landscape pillars can be erected in no time at all by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

Rivercrest Wall features the rich detail of stacked flagstone, created using Reala Surface Technology to ensure an authentic appearance. Despite its random, natural aesthetic, each unit is precision cast to ensure a secure fit and stable structure.

Match Rivercrest Wall to the sleek, sophisticated Beacon Hill Smooth for a stunning contrast of textures.



Whether you’re after privacy, structure, or simple ornamentation, an attractive wall system is a great addition for your patio. Walls can be used to separate and define different outdoor areas, shield your patio from the wind, keep your outdoor gatherings intimate, and add texture, color, and visual interest to the area.

The Brussels Dimensional System, for example, is a versatile option for walls, and is ideal for these purposes. With multi-sized tapered units, the Brussels Dimensional System can be used to create curved enclosing walls or impressive geometric feature walls. The wide color range spans a spectrum of aesthetic tastes, and the tumbled, timeworn appearance will lend character to your hardscape.


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Unilock offers a range of versatile coping options to give your vertical features, steps, and pool deck a stunning and sophisticated finish. Coping not only plays a functional role in protecting the structure of walls, it’s also an essential finishing touch and can be used to turn low walls into comfortable permanent seating spaces.

Unilock coping options include Ledgestone, Brussels Fullnose, and Premium Quality Natural Stone Coping, each offering its own unique aesthetic.

Ledgestone coping comes in two widely compatible color options, Buff and Grey, and is available in pitched edge and Fullnose options. This coping option has been specially designed to make it the perfect fit for almost any backyard aesthetic.

Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger come in smaller units that are ideal for adding a comfortable edge to a pool or seating wall. These coping units are available in a huge range of colors and offer a high degree of flexibility.

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone Coping offers elegance and authenticity. Coping units are available in both Sandstone and Limestone, each with its own color options, and present either a Natural Edge or Fullnose coping for a refined appearance.


Water Features

A water feature is the perfect element to finish off your hardscape. The soothing sound of a water feature can be used to add a relaxing ambience, or even to dampen noises from the street and noisy neighbors. With Unilock wall units, your water feature can blend beautifully into the rest of your hardscape design. Consider, for example, a Lineo Dimensional Stone water feature for your sleek modern hardscape, or integrate a water feature into your Estate Wall retaining wall.

Lineo Dimensional Stone features a modern, streamlined design with crisp lines created by specially designed plastic spacer bars. Estate Wall, on the other hand, features the aged and rugged appearance of weathered rock, and is ideal for a stately rustic setting.


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Fire Features

Unilock wall units can be used to build stunning, custom-designed fireplaces, fire pits, and fire tables. U-Cara Multi-Face, for example, presents a two-piece system for building vertical features of any kind. This wall unit offers a variety of fascia panels, to allow for a customizable appearance.

Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of finishing off your hardscape with a pre-built fireplace or fire pit kit from Unilock. Unilock pre-built fireplaces are available in a range of styles, including the stunning Bella, Tuscany, Moda, and Barcelona models.

For the addition of a smaller fire feature, you can choose the convenience of a Unilock Firepit Kit, which includes the stunning options of the Rivercrest Firepit Kit, Sunset Firepit Kit, and Romanstack Firepit Kit, or have one custom designed for you by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.



Accent your walls, patio floor, fire features, or water features with matching borders and banding from Unilock. Town Hall pavers, for example, are an excellent accent paver and can be used for patio borders and adding accents to vertical features. These strong and versatile pavers are available in traditional brick color options, Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, and Basalt. Smaller proportions are offered by Copthorne pavers, available in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay, Basalt, and Steel Blue.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Smooth patio with Rivercrest Wall vertical features, Ledgestone coping, and Copthorne accents.


The Perfect Finishing Touches to Complete Your Hardscape


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