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The Best Paving Stones for Complementing Your Plants

The Best Paving Stones for Complementing Your Plants

Lush softscapes and Unilock paving stones are the perfect combination. Unilock pavers are specially designed to offer rich, long-lasting colors, authentic textures, long-term durability and elegant surfaces that will enhance the natural beauty of your landscape. Here are some tips on how to accentuate the texture, color and style of your plantings using the wide range of pavers on offer from Unilock:

Trees and Woody Plants

Trees and woody plants, with their richly textured bark and the browns of their trunks, go well with a paver possessing a similarly natural appearance. Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, has a sophisticated natural flagstone texture that will complement the textures of bark and natural stone in the landscape. Consider a color such as Coffee Creek or Bavarian with gray and earthy brown undertones that will pick up and highlight the colors of tree trunks and woody stems. Whether it’s a patio set against the backdrop of a heavily wooded area, or a walkway that cuts through your own backyard forest, Beacon Hill Flagstone is a prime candidate for your hardscape.


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Bright Spring and Summer Flowers

Bright spring and summer flowers bring life to a landscape after a cold winter. To complement a landscape that is filled with bright annual and perennial flowers, consider a paver with deep, rich colors that can be picked out by the brilliant shades of your plantings. Town Hall and Copthorne pavers are just two examples of Unilock pavers that will complement a brightly colored setting. These pavers are modeled on historical street brick pavers, with Town Hall featuring slightly larger proportions. Both pavers are available in a range of traditional brick colors, including Burnt Clay, Old Oak and Burgundy Red, which can be combined to form a three-color blend. This color blend is a great way to create visual interest, add warmth to a landscape and complement the varied colors of lush flowerbeds. Town Hall and Copthorne are both part of the Elegance range and are therefore equipped with a range of technologies to ensure their strength, beauty and durability. This means that even when your flowers fade after the summer grow season, your hardscape will remain vibrant season after season, year after year.

Decorative Grasses

Decorative grasses have a minimalist feel, fine texture and understated elegance. Match this with a paver with a similar character, such as Umbriano. The combination of Umbriano’s honed granite appearance and softly blended colors, and the beauty of reeds and other elegant grasses, can contribute to a modern, zen, or Japanese garden landscape design theme. It’s also not just Umbriano’s looks that make it well-suited to this sort of theme; because Umbriano is equipped with EasyClean Stain Resistance, it subscribes to the modern philosophy of simple, effortless living and functional beauty. EasyClean Stain Resistance ensures that Umbriano can be easily wiped clean before stains have a chance to form.


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Deep Greens

Nothing enhances the deep greens of a lush softscape like the addition of grays and charcoals. Deep charcoal-colored pavers, such as Richcliff in the Smoke Shale color option, or Unilock Limestone in Black River, are ideal for bringing greens to the forefront of your landscape design. For more heavily shaded landscapes, lighter grays may be a better option and will help to brighten the area while complementing your plantings. For this, consider the Hearthstone or Winter Mist color options of Unilock Limestone, or Richcliff pavers in a Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend, which combines gray with earthy undertones that will help to add warmth your patio, walkways, pool deck or driveway.

Finely Textured Leaves and Flowers

Finely textured leaves and flowers are often present in an English garden-style landscape. To go along with this sort of theme, consider a paver with an old-world feel, such as Courtstone. The small sizes of Courtstone will also complement the delicate textures of the flowers and leaves of your softscape. Courtstone is available in a range of colors, each suitable for different settings and applications. Consider the Basalt color option to highlight plant beds dominant in whites and bright yellows, Belgian Blue for a more subtle touch, or Dawn Mist to bring out reds and purples. The earthy brown of Pebble Taupe is a good option for contrasting with blue and other flowers displaying cool colors.

Plantings with Big Leaves and Bold Textures

Big, bold textures can be complemented with a bold paver. You can highlight the textures of these sorts of plants by incorporating a paver with a smooth or refined surface finish. Beacon Hill Smooth in the XL size option is an excellent example of a paver that is bold in proportions, and will highlight the bold textures of plants with large leaves through its smooth surface texture. Beacon Hill Smooth XL Units are a great complement to modern pool decks and patios with broad-, and large, narrow-leafed plantings and succulents. In addition, the gentle colors offered by Beacon Hill Smooth are ideal for highlighting leaves and flowers with unusual colors.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Smooth pool deck utilizing the XL Unit.


The Best Paving Stones for Complementing Your Plants


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