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Subtle Tweaks to Your Landscape Design That Can Make a Big Impact

Subtle Tweaks to Your Landscape Design That Can Make a Big Impact

The art of landscape design is often more subtle than it is obvious. Sometimes small, almost unnoticeable details can elevate a design from good to extraordinary. Here are some subtle tweaks you can make to your landscape design with the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor that can make a huge overall difference:

Soften Your Hardscape with Plantings

Creating a gentle transition from hardscape to softscape can help to make the paved parts of your landscape appear more natural and inviting. One way to soften the appearance of the hardscape is by tempering its outline with plantings, flowers, and small, finely textured trees. Consider, for example, placing plant beds at the edges of your patio and allowing decorative grasses to spill over onto your patio, or add a vertical dimension by incorporating raised plant beds. Raised plant beds not only blur the line between hardscape and softscape, they can also be used to add privacy, create a sense of intimacy, and infuse natural color into the setting. For an even more natural appearance, use Unilock Rivercrest Wall for your raised plant beds. The rich appearance and stacked flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall is perfect for creating a relaxed and well-balanced aesthetic.

Borders and Accents as Outdoor Room Dividers

Vertical structures, such as low retaining walls, seating walls, fire features, and water features, make excellent outdoor room dividers. However, these can be bulky and sometimes break up the flow of an area a little too much, especially in smaller spaces. Rather than separating sections of your patio with vertical structures, you can opt for creating distinction by using borders and accents.

Tie together a seating area with a paver rug made from Copthorne pavers from Unilock, for example, or delineate your outdoor kitchen by adding a border of Courtstone pavers, also from Unilock. This can help you save space and make a subtle but noticeable difference to the layout of your hardscape.


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Add Interest to Pergola and Pavilion Supports with Pillar Footings

Pillar footings for pergolas and other overhead roof structures serve a number of functions. They add to the first impression of an area by contributing visual interest and vertical texture, but they also serve more functional purposes. Pillar footings can help to protect the base of pergola supports from sun damage, and they even serve as handy side tables for placing drinks and snacks. Add to the aesthetic and function of your pillar footings by combining character-rich wall units with a matching coping option. From Unilock, Brussels Dimensional System, for example, can be used to create stunning pergola footings, while Brussels Fullnose coping from Unilock will match and complement this with its rugged texture and earthy color options. Brussels Dimensional System is the perfect match for Brussels Block pavers, but pairs beautifully with almost any other patio paver.

Add Texture to Steps with a Natural Edge Step Unit

Multi-level patios and homes with sloping yards require steps for safe and easy movement. Take advantage of this by using steps as an opportunity to add the vibrant texture of natural stone to your backyard aesthetic. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is available in two Natural Edge Step units that include Black River Limestone and Sandstone in the Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey, and Indian Coast color options. You can unite your steps with the rest of your hardscape by using Natural Edge Coping of the same selection throughout your landscape, or by using Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone to pave your hardscape.


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Combine Two or More Paver Colors for Added Depth

There’s nothing wrong with selecting a single bold color for your patio. However, adding subtle variation in coloring can help to add more visual depth, particularly if the pavers you select are monotone. For example, rather than opting for just one classic brick color option in the form of Unilock Town Hall in Burgundy Red, you can add variation by choosing a 3 Color Blend of Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay, or the Heritage Blend of Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Or, for a natural stone aesthetic, choose Unilock Richcliff in the Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe combination.

Complement your Pool Deck with Contrasting Coping

Coping is essential for protecting the edge of your pool, but it can also be an attractive detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. For a bold poolside aesthetic, choose a coping option that offers impressive contrast in combination with your pool deck pavers. For example, contrast Unilock Umbriano pavers in the Winter Marvel color options with the equally modern Black River Limestone Fullnose Coping Unit. Or brighten a Richcliff pool deck in the Smoke Shale color option with Ledgestone coping in Buff.

Tie Together Your Fire Pit and Permanent Seating with Matching Coping

You can make sure all your vertical features match by using the same coping option throughout your hardscape. Fire features, particularly fire pits, can be suitably matched to surrounding permanent seating arrangements with the simple addition of a matching coping option. For example, add Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose coping to your Brussels Dimensional System fire pit and Estate Wall seating to ensure that they work together.


The title image features a Brussels Block patio with Copthorne accents, Brussels Dimensional System verticals, and Brussels Fullnose coping.


Subtle Tweaks to Your Landscape Design That Can Make a Big Impact






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