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Save Space on Your Patio with These Features

Save Space on Your Patio with These Features

Whether you have a small patio or simply want to create a more open look, there are a number of ways to save space and maximize useable room on your patio. Combined features and elements that are strategically placed to maximize space can help to make your patio less cluttered and more user-friendly. Here are some space-saving features to consider:


A Fireplace and Water Feature Combo

Combining functional and decorative features can help to get more out of less floor space. For example, a custom outdoor fireplace flanked by integrated water features creates an interesting balance between these two opposite elements and takes up less space than several separate features. Not only does this combination create a stunning ambience and a visual focal point, you also get the heating benefits of the fireplace.

Unilock Brussels Dimensional System offers versatility, a range of captivating colors, and a tumbled, timeless appearance that is perfect for creating this sort of feature. With this wall unit, your outdoor fireplace and water feature combination will offer a classic appearance with tons of charming character.


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Pondless Wall Waterfall

A pondless waterfall, built into a privacy wall or retaining wall around your patio, is another excellent space-saving option. Pondless waterfall systems have a smaller footprint than more elaborate water feature designs, but can still do wonders for the ambience and aesthetic of your property.

To complement a pondless waterfall design, consider the natural, timeworn appearance of Unilock Estate Wall. Estate Wall offers a split rock aesthetic with manorial elegance—perfect for creating a relaxed patio ambience.


Discreet Wall-Mounted Lighting

Similarly, lighting that is mounted under the coping of walls or permanent seating, or built into the vertical surface of walls and retaining walls, takes up less space than standalone lamps or lanterns placed atop pillars. Good outdoor lighting will also help to create the visual impression of more space while maintaining an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

For brilliant texture and dramatic shadow, pair your wall-mounted lighting with Unilock Rivercrest Wall topped with Ledgestone coping from Unilock. Rivercrest Wall offers the ultra-realistic appearance of stacked flagstone that can be highlighted with lighting that is either flush with the wall or mounted beneath the overhang of the Ledgestone coping surface. Continue the natural appearance of this richly textured combination throughout your hardscape by using Unilock Richcliff pavers for the flooring of your patio.


Strategically Placed Permanent Seating

Permanent seating can take many forms, from central circular seating around a fire pit to long bench-like features built from concrete wall units. However, if saving space is your priority, strategic design and placement of your permanent seating is important. Permanent seating that lines the perimeter of your patio, or doubles as a room divider, can help to limit the need for additional seating, while simultaneously serving the purpose of boundary walls for your patio. Likewise, permanent seating built into the retaining wall adjacent to your patio will mean less space is used up on your patio for benches and chairs.

To create a comfortable seating surface for your permanent seating, consider incorporating a fullnose coping option, such as Ledgestone Fullnose Coping units from Unilock.


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Wood and Propane Storage Solutions

If you opt for a wood-burning outdoor fireplace, you’ll need somewhere to store the wood. For propane-fueled fireplaces, you’ll need somewhere to keep the propane tanks. The most space-efficient option is to have your fuel storage built into the structure of the fireplace. Alternatively, wood and propane storage can be built into the boundary walls of your patio, double as useable outdoor workspace, or be built into permanent seating.

Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone presents the perfect opportunity to create sleek, sophisticated wood, and propane storage solutions and can be paired with the Unilock Moda Pre-Built Fireplace, which is composed of the same.


Multi-Purpose Outdoor Rooms

Dividing up your patio into multiple outdoor rooms, each serving a different function, can help to keep the space well-organized. However, too many rooms may come with a sacrifice of space, resulting in smaller rooms and a less open design. Just as combining multiple features can help to save space, so too can combining the function of sections of your patio. For example, an outdoor kitchen need not only serve the function of preparing food. You can save space by allowing your outdoor kitchen to double as a bar, and utilize the bar counter as your outdoor dining area as well. This will leave plenty of space open for lounging areas and ensure better flow for your patio.


Intelligent Fireplace Placement

Fireplaces are grand features with an impressive profile, but they need not take up space unnecessarily. Placing a fireplace along the edge of your patio to act as a windshield or privacy screen will ensure that it serves multiple purposes and therefore save space. Alternatively, place your fireplace against an already existing wall, such as the outside wall of your home or the wall of an outdoor structure.


The title image features a Richcliff patio with Rivercrest Wall permanent seating, a Moda Pre-Built Fireplace, and Lineo Dimensional Stone wood storage with Ledgestone coping.


Save Space on Your Patio with These Features


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