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Paver and Wall Unit Combos for a Winning Patio Design

Paver and Wall Unit Combos for a Winning Patio Design

Some materials are simply made for one another. With the huge range of pavers and wall units available from Unilock, the combinations are as limitless as the designer’s imagination. Here are a few tried and tested paver and wall unit pairings to create a bold look and stunning detail:


Lineo Dimensional Stone and Artline Pavers with Series Accents

Lineo Dimensional Stone is a sleek, linear plank-like wall unit with a sharp, modern appearance. Its gently blended colors are given a crisp outline with the use of specially designed spacers to create shadow lines.

To complement Lineo Dimensional Stone’s linear aesthetic, pair it with a paver similar in form, such as Artline. Artline pavers will extend the plank-like design into the floors of patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks. These pavers are available in a wide range of widths and lengths, allowing for a regular or coursed ashlar laying pattern. In addition, Artline is available in both a Smooth and Umbriano Finish, as well as a range of beautiful color options.

Create bold visual interest by using Series paver accents to enhance and complement the gentle colors of Artline and Lineo Dimensional Stone. Series comes in the bold and brilliant Black Granite and Peppered Granite color options, and can be used to create stunning contrasts.


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Umbriano Pavers and U-Cara Multi-Face

Umbriano pavers are a sophisticated and authentic alternative to natural granite. The random, mottled surface of this paver is created using a manufacturing process known as ColorFusion, whereby color and hard-wearing minerals, such as actual granite, are randomly dispersed throughout the paver’s surface. In addition, Umbriano is protected from stains with EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, an integral seal that makes the paver impervious to stain-forming materials.

The aesthetic of Umbriano pavers can be extended into the vertical elements of your hardscape using the versatile U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System. U-Cara consists of Sure Track Backer Blocks, which are used to create a strong and reliable structure, while the U-Cara fascia panels provide the aesthetic element. These fascia panels are available in a wide range of finishes and color options, including the Umbriano Finish, which can be used to match the Umbriano flooring of your patio—both in terms of appearance and the convenience offered by EasyClean Stain Resistance.


Beacon Hill Flagstone and Rivercrest Wall with Mattoni Accents

Beacon Hill Flagstone presents a distinctive flagstone texture in a range of authentic, natural color options. This paver is also available in an XL Unit, which provides the opportunity to create expansive, large-scale hardscapes with a hint of cutting-edge modernity.

The perfect complement to this naturally textured paver is the ultra-realistic, stacked flagstone appearance of Rivercrest Wall. This wall unit has been created using molds of hundreds of pieces of actual flagstone, ensuring a never-repeating appearance and absolute realism.

To contrast the rich texture of these materials, while complementing the traditional mood of the natural aesthetic they present, consider an accent paver such as Mattoni. Mattoni offers the elongated appearance of Roman brick—a timeless material that will complement both modern and traditional themes.


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Brussels Block and Brussels Dimensional System with Copthorne Accents

The Brussels Dimensional System is a classic wall unit from Unilock with the timeless appearance of tumbled stone blocks. The rich, antiqued texture can be used to create an ambience of warmth and comfort, particularly when used in the construction of fire features—such as a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or fire table.

The aesthetic of this wall unit flows perfectly into a patio floor of Brussels Block pavers. As a matter of fact, Brussels Block pavers offer an identical finish and matching color options for perfect uniformity. To add variation, demarcate certain areas, create bold bordering for the edges of your hardscape, or for adding banding to the vertical elements of your hardscape, combine Brussels Block and Brussels Dimensional Stone with the warm, traditional appearance of Copthorne pavers. The rich brick style and coloring of Copthorne offer the perfect contrast and complement to the more subtle colors of the Brussels line.


Estate Wall and Richcliff Pavers

With its timeworn, naturally aged rock appearance, Estate Wall is an impressive option for low walls, seat walls and retaining walls throughout your landscape. In addition, Estate Wall can be used for fire features and grill islands that are overflowing with natural charm.

Pair this with a naturally textured paver, such as Richcliff. Richcliff pavers are an exceptional product with both beauty and strength in spades. As part of the Unilock Elegance range, Richcliff makes use of a number of proprietary technologies to achieve the richest and most detailed colors and textures, as well as impressive strength with the help of Ultima Concrete Technology. Reala Surface Technology is once again used to give Richcliff ultra-realistic, never-repeating textures, and EnduraColor Facemix Technology is used to ensure colors that are highly resistant to fading. Together, this pairing is both rugged and regal, and ideal for creating a backyard aesthetic that exudes luxury, sophistication and elegance.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Rivercrest Wall verticals and Mattoni accents.


Paver and Wall Unit Combos for a Winning Patio Design


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