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How Specialized Manufacturing Technology Makes Unilock Concrete Pavers So Versatile

How Specialized Manufacturing Technology Makes Unilock Concrete Pavers So Versatile

Advanced concrete manufacturing technologies give Unilock pavers a range of special uses for specific project types – from enhanced strength, to long-lasting color and stain resistance. Each of these attributes has been developed exclusively by Unilock to produce concrete pavers that perform under extreme conditions while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Here’s how your hardscape can benefit from the versatility that this technology allows:


EnduraColor Facemix Technology


The pavers in the Unilock EnduraColor range are manufactured using EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This involves a two step process which combines fine, hardwearing aggregates as an impervious surface layer, and coarse aggregates to form the paver’s robust base. As a result, these pavers are highly resistant to fading from environmental exposure and mechanical wear. The wear-resistant surface layer ensures that lighter aggregates never become visible, allowing for a hardscape that remains rich with color and personality. This makes EnduraColor pavers ideal for areas such as walkways and driveways that experience high-levels of traffic and would otherwise wear down over time. The EnduraColor range includes pavers such as Artline, Beacon Hill Flagstone, Beacon Hill Smooth, Bristol Valley, Mattoni, Thornbury and Il Campo, among others. The wide spectrum of paver styles in this range ensures that homeowners and contractors are able to match pavers to specific landscape design themes, while taking advantage of the durability and fade resistance offered by this technology.




Taking this a step further, pavers in the Elegance range utilize a mix of some of the highest performing natural minerals, including quartz and granite. These top-performing ingredients are amalgamated to form a number of Unilock proprietary blends that are used to add strength, fade resistance and visual character to EnduraColor pavers. Elegance technologies are featured in pavers such as Richcliff, Umbriano, Courtstone, Copthorne, Town Hall, Tribeca Cobble, Senzo, Series and City Park Pavers. Use these pavers as richly detailed, high-contrast accent pavers, or enjoy the luxury of Enduracolor pavers as the primary material for your hardscape project. Their durability ensures that they are suitable for areas with heavy traffic, unshaded areas with long hours of UV exposure, or as pool deck pavers where exposure to pool chemicals may be a concern. By incorporating these pavers into your hardscape design, you can ensure that the character and beauty of your landscape does not fade over time.


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Reala Surface Technology


To create pavers that are indistinguishable from their natural or historical counterparts, Unilock has created a manufacturing process known as Reala Surface Technology. Reala Surface Technology produces a high degree of realism by utilizing moulds of hundreds of pieces of natural stone, historical brick pavers and authentic cobblestone. Not only does this process capture the vibrant textures and subtle detail of the original material, it also ensures that these textures are not repeated, allowing for a spontaneous and visually interesting surface. Pavers utilizing this advanced manufacturing technique include Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff and Town Hall. In addition, Reala Surface Technology is used in the production of Rivercrest Wall to create wall units that are perfect representations of stacked flagstone. These pavers are ideal for creating hardscapes that are rich with natural detail, as well as for complementing homes with historical architectural elements.


Ultima Concrete Technology


When it comes to creating hardscapes that are long-lasting as well as beautiful, strength is a vital component. With this in mind, Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff, and Town Hall pavers utilize Ultima Concrete Technology to ensure impressive structural strength without sacrificing on appearance. With this innovative technology, pavers can be produced with up to four times the compressive and flexural strength of poured concrete. This ensures that these pavers will not crack or split under heavy loads. Because of this, pavers equipped with Ultima Concrete Technology are the go-to choice for patios that will have to support heavy cooking equipment or furniture, and driveways that have to support the weight and frequent traffic of large residential vehicles, such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, mobile homes and minivans.


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ColorFusion Technology


Umbriano pavers sport ColorFusion Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that produces a natural granite-like appearance. This is done using a system of randomly dispersing color pigments and granite particles to create pavers with never-repeating color, and a surface that is dynamic and natural. The gradients of color produced by ColorFusion Technology range from subtle, as in the case of Umbriano Summer Wheat or Midnight Sky, to high-contrast, as seen with the Winter Marvel Color option. Umbriano pavers are ideal for creating hardscapes with a modern feel while still achieving the authentic appearance of natural granite. The gentle shading created by ColorFusion Technology ensures a space that appears expansive while remaining subtle and inviting.


EasyClean Stain Resistance


Senzo and Umbriano pavers are equipped with EasyClean Stain Resistance. This technology seals the pavers, making it impervious to liquids and other substances that may otherwise form stains. With EasyClean Stain Resistance, messes can be quickly and easily cleaned up before the stain has a chance to form. BBQ sauce, ketchup, and mustard are no match for this integral surface protection. Neither is motor oil, pet messes or organic material, all of which can be wiped from the surface of these pavers with little more than a paper towel and a wet wipe. For family homes, weekend tinkerers, avid outdoor chefs or just people looking for an easy way to keep their outdoor areas looking clean and spotless, pavers with EasyClean Stain Resistance are ideal.

The title image features a patio built with Bristol Valley and Copthorne pavers, and Rivercrest Wall verticals.

How Specialized Manufacturing Technology Makes Unilock Concrete Pavers So Versatile


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