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Exceptional Patio Pavers for Summertime Fun

Exceptional Patio Pavers for Summertime Fun

Summer is almost here, and it’s not too late to get your patio remodel done in time for the outdoor season. Unilock offers a range of patio pavers that are perfect for summertime fun, offering unique benefits from stain resistance for low-maintenance outdoor kitchens and pool decks to a summery aesthetic reminiscent of sun-kissed beaches and Mediterranean holidays. Here are just some of the many Unilock pavers that are ideal for making your patio the place to be this summer:


Umbriano for Easy Cleanups and a Sleek Granite Appearance

Umbriano pavers offer the perfect balance of character and modern style. These pavers provide exceptional color performance, thanks to Unilock proprietary EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This manufacturing process gives this paver a foundation of robust aggregates, combined with a hardwearing, high-performance surface with concentrated color.

A realistic granite appearance is achieved by using ColorFusion Technology, which randomly infuses the surface of Umbriano with vibrant color and actual granite particles.

Umbriano is also equipped with EasyClean Stain Resistance, an integral surface protection that seals the paver and makes it impenetrable to stain-forming liquids such as BBQ sauces and other condiments, pool water residue, oils, and so on. This makes Umbriano ideal for creating long-lasting, low-maintenance, and absolutely stunning outdoor kitchens, pool decks and multi-purpose patios.


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Richcliff for Rich Texture and a Characterful Pool Deck

With its rich texture, charming character, and impressive strength, Richcliff pavers from Unilock are perfect for pool decks, patios, walkways, and even driveways that are subject to frequent use. Their surface is comfortable under bare feet and beautifully embossed to ensure safety, even when wet. This makes it ideal as a pool deck paver, and because of its stunning flagstone appearance, you’ll want to use it throughout your hardscape.

Richcliff pavers offer an elegant, natural appearance that is just as well suited to a modern theme as it is to a rustic design style. These pavers are available in stunning earthy colors and handsome, cool shades, making them ideal for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, or a more sophisticated, formal theme with a relaxed historical aesthetic.


Skyline for Enjoying Summer on your Roof Deck

Skyline pavers are a new addition to the Unilock range. These pavers are specially designed for constructing roof decks, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Skyline is available in the colors Medium Grey and Light Buff — ensuring that they maintain a comfortable temperature, even in direct sunlight — and is offered in a 24 x 24 inch size option. These pavers incorporate EnduraColor Technology to ensure long-lasting color, strength, and durability.


Bristol Valley for Stain-Free Outdoor Kitchens

Bristol Valley from Unilock offers a stunning natural stone texture, gorgeous colors, and multiple size options for a random laying pattern, all adding to its rich, natural appearance and charming character. Bristol Valley is not only attractive in appearance, it’s also a practical choice for your summer outdoor living space. This is because Bristol Valley is protected from stains by EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology. EasyClean Stain Resistance is integral to the surface of the paver, meaning that it won’t peel off or flake like other sealers. In addition, this innovative technology enhances and protects the color of the paver, and works hand in hand with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to ensure vibrant, long-lasting colors and a durable hardscape surface for your property.

Make Bristol Valley a part of your outdoor kitchen this summer and enjoy cookouts and BBQs without the hassle of stains.


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Beacon Hill Smooth for Seamless Beauty

Beacon Hill Smooth offers elegance and an understated modern aesthetic that is sleek and subtle. This smooth paver is perfectly safe for pool decks, and remains non-slip when wet.

The various size options offered by Beacon Hill Smooth include the XL Unit. This impressive unit is perfect for creating pool decks, patios, driveways and walkways with a seamless, expansive appearance.

In addition, Beacon Hill Smooth presents a range of colors that are protected by EnduraColor Facemix Technology. Among these colors is the Tuscany color option, which is perfectly suited to a summery, Mediterranean aesthetic with a contemporary touch.


Westport: Another Easy Clean Option

If a low-maintenance and stain-free patio and pool deck are your priority, Westport presents another easy-to-clean option from Unilock. Westport, too, now features EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology.

What makes Westport a versatile option for your summer hardscape is its beautiful hand-hewn stone texture and size options that are perfect for small scale projects. Westport is budget-friendly, but comes with premium advantages.


Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone: Sandstone

In addition to concrete paver options, Unilock also offers several premium quality natural stone products that are perfect for summer spaces. Unilock Sandstone is available in a range of colors that will complete the beachy theme of your backyard, or simply enhance the sunny and inviting atmosphere that you have created. Indian Coast Sandstone, for example, features a hint of blush and a texture that is luxurious and rich. For an option that is reminiscent of sunny shores and golden beach sand, go with Autumn Harvest.

The surface of Unilock Natural Stone is enhanced with a variety of surface treatments to ensure rich, long-lasting colors and strength.


The title image features a modern Beacon Hill Smooth pool deck.


Exceptional Patio Pavers for Summertime Fun


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