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Entertaining Outdoors

Doing a lot of entertaining this summer? Is your house generally a hub for your friends and family to gather? If you answered yes to either of these questions you should consider building an outdoor living space that truly is an extension of your home and incorporates the following:

Include a fireplace or firepit: Add a focal point or gathering space for your friends and family. A fireplace or firepit creates warmth (both literally and figuratively) and serves great function while entertaining outdoors. In addition they extend your outdoor patio season!

Install a BBQ grill island: Most types of entertainment include some sort of great food and there is no better way to take advantage of summer than barbequing your favorite meals. The island will provide additional space for setting up your favourite appetizers or for serving drinks!

Build an outdoor kitchen: Just like inside your home, having a kitchen outdoors is the perfect gathering space for entertaining. It takes dining outdoors to a whole new level.

Design a paver rug: Do you need a rug that can be left outdoors in all types of weather? Have your contractor include a paver rug into your design in a complementary color and product. This trend not only adds a decorative appeal but it also defines your outdoor room. Aside from aesthetics, adding a paver rug in a stain resistant paver such as Umbriano® serves as a great choice for your outdoor kitchen.

Include seat walls: You can never have enough seating for your guests, so why not incorporate seat walls into your outdoor living room? This will save you the hassle of pulling out lawn chairs when entertaining large groups!

Add a pergola or canopy: Adding a pergola or canopy creates a shaded area, provides privacy, protects from rainy weather and adds to the overall ambience of your outdoor landscape.

Entertaining or planning a party outdoors is no easy task! Here are some ideas and things to remember for your next outdoor function:

  • Plan your menu ahead of time – during the summer months it’s most convenient to cook outdoors, try some of these easy and convenient grill/barbeque recipes on your grill island from Canadian Living
    *Tip: Always make sure you have all of the ingredients on hand to avoid last minute trips to the market or grocery store
  • Always set up a cooler full of drinks so your guests are refreshed and hydrated, or why not try this easy and fun Watermelon Punch and Bowl recipe from Martha Stewart
  • Have some games planned for your guests – this way they’re entertained all night long
  • Always stock up on marshmallows or s’more ingredients while gathering around your fireplace or fire pit – this is always a huge hit for kids and nothing says summer more than roasting marshmallows under the stars
  • Be prepared for the bugs at night – make sure you have bug repellant on hand and scents such as citronella that will keep the critters away
  • If your afternoon gatherings often turn into an evening party be prepared with outdoor lighting such as lanterns, candles and string lights

Take advantage of patio season by entertaining in your outdoor living room as often as possible!


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