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Create a Modern Look With Unilock Richcliff Stone Pavers

Create a Modern Look With Unilock Richcliff Stone Pavers

Although Richcliff stone pavers from Unilock offer the rich textures and earthy coloring of natural stone, and are typically used to create stunning rustic and traditional themed hardscapes, they are also a visually interesting complement to a modern design theme. Here are some ways to utilize the authentic flagstone appearance of Richcliff to enhance a modern look:


Choosing the Right Color

Richcliff pavers are available in a range of colors designed to suit various purposes. Pebble Taupe, for example, is a gentle earthy brown that is perfect for adding warmth and rustic appeal to a hardscape. Dawn Mist presents a cooler option that maintains visual interest by incorporating a range of grey shades. These two shades can also be combined to form a Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend for a balance of warm highlights and cool undertones. However, for a handsome modern effect, a more monochromatic option may be more appropriate. Consider, therefore, the Smoke Shale color option to infuse the space with a sophisticated silver grey that is subtle enough to work with the simple geometric shapes of modern design.


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Complement with Sleek Modern Wall Units

Modern design themes often make use of smooth surfaces to create a crisp, clean effect. However, rich, natural textures can help to introduce visual interest and create textural contrast. Since modern design seeks to do away with unnecessary ornamentation, and instead allow the form of the design, lighting and material speak for itself as a decorative element, this contrast can be a valuable visual tool for a modern design. To achieve this sort of rich textural contrast, Richcliff can be paired with smooth modern wall units such as U-Cara Multi-Face or Lineo Dimensional Stone.

U-Cara is comprised of a two-piece system of dimensionally accurate backer blocks and fascia panels that are available in a number of modern finishes, including Smooth Face, Umbriano Finish and Series Finish.

Lineo Dimensional Stone, on the other hand, makes use of specially made shadow spacers, giving it crisp shadow lines that highlight its sleek plank-like shape. Both units make an excellent complement to Richcliff pavers and are ideal for achieving a modern design theme for your backyard.


The Right Accents and Borders

Because of its natural appearance and elegant color options, Richcliff is compatible with a wide range of accent pavers. For additional modern flavor, Richcliff can be paired with sleek modern options, such as Artline, Umbriano, or Series pavers.

Artline pavers present a sophisticated plank-like look and are available in both smooth and Umbriano finishes. Consider, for example, adding a contemporary touch to your Richcliff patio by including Artline as a walkway paver.

Umbriano pavers, and the Umbriano Finish offered by Artline, feature a realistic granite-like appearance that has been created by infusing the surface with high-performing minerals, which include quartz and actual granite particles. The characterful mottled appearance and multiple size options of Umbriano make it an ideal modern accent paver. The Midnight Sky color option can be used to create a deeply colored and bold border for your patio, while the lighter greys of French Grey and Winter Marvel will continue the sophisticated color scheme set by Richcliff in Smoke Shale.

Series pavers are a classic choice for accenting patios, walkways, driveways and more. Series, too, offers the contemporary appearance of granite, and is available in the colors Peppered Granite and Black Granite. Both pair perfectly with Richcliff in Smoke Shale and will highlight both the texture and color of a Richcliff surface. Series is an ideal paver for borders, and can be used as banding for vertical features as well. Both series and Umbriano pavers can also be used to create contrasting paver inlays to add detail to your modern hardscape design.

Another accent paver worthy of interest to homeowners looking to complement a modern design theme is Town Hall, specifically the Basalt color option. While presenting the timeworn appearance of traditional street brick pavers, the dark charcoal coloring of the Basalt option can be used to enhance and highlight the light grey of Richcliff in Dawn Mist or Smoke Shale. Cast from hundreds of different brick pieces, this paver can be used to add a truly unique touch to a modern patio.


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Paver Size and Laying Pattern

Richcliff pavers are available in multiple shapes and sizes, including a 12 x 9 inch Rectangle, a 9 x 9 inch Square, a 6 x 9 inch Small Rectangle and 21 x 12 inch Large Rectangle (sold separately). These varied sizes allow for a wide range of laying patterns. A randomized laying pattern can be used to create a more organic appearance; however, if your goal is a sleek modern look, more linear laying patterns may be more in line with your aesthetic tastes. The coursed ashlar laying pattern presented by the Richcliff B, Richcliff B2, Richcliff D and Richcliff D2 pattern sheets are all excellent options for a modern design theme.

The Large Rectangle size is another excellent option for adding a modern touch to your patio or pool deck, and can be laid in a running bond laying pattern to accentuate the horizontal emphasis that is characteristic of modern architecture and landscape design. Incorporating large format pavers also creates the visual impression of a larger, less cluttered area. To enhance this clean appearance, remember to choose a jointing sand that matches the color of your pavers. For example, the Black and Grey Sand options will soften the jointing lines, making them appear less pronounced, and result in a surface that appears uninterrupted by distinct lines.


A Geometric Hardscape Design

Key to achieving a modern aesthetic for your backyard is the design of the hardscape itself. Modern design typically focuses on clean lines and crisp right angles. A geometric hardscape design therefore serves as a good foundation. This convention can be applied to everything from the shape of your patio, fire pit, water features and plant beds, to the design of walkways and the edges of your pool deck. For help making your modern vision a reality, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor today. Unilock Authorized Contractors are uniquely qualified in the installation of Unilock products and offer unparalleled expertise in landscape design and construction. Work done by Authorized Contractors is also backed by a minimum two-year guarantee to ensure your absolute satisfaction.


The title image features a modern Richcliff patio with Town Hall accents and Lineo Dimensional Stone walls and water feature.


Create a Modern Look With Unilock Richcliff Stone Pavers



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