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Add Gorgeous Accents to Your Landscape with Unilock Natural Stone

Add Gorgeous Accents to Your Landscape with Unilock Natural Stone

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is suitable for a wide range of projects and applications, having been treated with various surface enhancements to ensure strength, low water absorption, and long-lasting color. In addition to offering precision cut and calibrated slabs for patios, pool decks, front entryways, and walkways, Unilock Limestone and Sandstone present a number of options for adding stunning accents to your hardscapes. From steps to coping and pillar caps, here’s how to add gorgeous accents to your landscape with Unilock Natural Stone:


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Natural Edge Steps

One subtle way to add the beauty and authenticity of natural stone to your landscape is with Unilock Limestone or Sandstone Natural Edge Step units. These steps are available in 48 X 16 and 72 X 16 inch units. These substantial pieces can be used to create reliable landscape stairs and produce a stunning transition between multi-level outdoor areas.

The textured facing of this step unit can be employed to contribute to a rustic design theme, bring detail to a sleek, modern or minimalist aesthetic, or simply add to the authentic appeal of a traditional landscape.

Choose Unilock Limestone Natural Edge Steps in the Black River color option for a refined surface texture and a deep, bold accent that will highlight the lighter colors in your landscape. Pair this with a lighter wall unit with bold texture, such as Rivercrest Wall in Buff, for high contrast and visually striking steps.

Although Unilock Limestone Natural Edge Step units offer a luxuriously subtle surface texture, their treads remain non-slip and safe.


Fullnose Pool Deck Coping

For a comfortable edge around your pool, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is an excellent option that offers the color and texture of high-quality stone with a rounded profile that is perfect for pools and matching seat walls. The rounded edge of Unilock Limestone or Sandstone Fullnose Coping offers the perfect grip for holding while in the pool, and is easy on the skin when climbing in and out of the water. This also makes it ideal for permanent seating and poolside lounging, as the refined edge is gentle on the backs of knees and won’t snag on clothing.

For an aesthetic that is perfect for summer, try Unilock Sandstone in the Autumn Harvest color option. This color offers the sandy gold of sun-kissed beaches and elicits a beachy feel. Pair Unilock Sandstone with the rugged facing of Estate Wall for vertical features to match. Estate Wall can be used to create stunning grill islands, water features, fire features and permanent seating to encourage the use of your pool area.


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Natural Edge Coping for Walls and Verticals

For a more textured edge, consider Unilock Sandstone Natural Edge Coping in the Stone Cliff Grey color option. This coping option presents a richly textured edge that will add character and highlight the natural details of your landscape. Sandstone Natural Edge Coping can be used throughout your landscape, atop low walls, water features, retaining walls, and even as the tread for outdoor steps in lieu of a single unit design.

Pair your selection of Sandstone Natural Edge Coping with corresponding slabs for your patio, walkways, or entryway. This way you can achieve a neat, uniform design, rich in detail and texture.

Unilock Sandstone is also available in the warm and inviting shade of Indian Coast. This color option has a subtle rose blush and natural veins. This warm color palette makes it ideal for front entrances as a friendly welcome to guests, as well as for intimate patios where a sense of comfort and luxury is a priority.


Natural Edge Pillar Caps

Unilock Natural Edge Pillar Caps ensure a cohesive design for walls and pillars. These units are the perfect finishing touch for any wall end or stand alone pillar and present an ideal surface for the placement of light features.

Match your Natural Edge Pillar Caps to the Rivercrest Wall Rapid Pillar System for convenience in creating stunning pillars. Rivercrest Wall showcases the ultra-realistic appearance of stacked flagstone and pairs beautifully with the authentic detail of Unilock Natural Stone.
Alternatively, construct your walls and pillars from a wall unit that offers a sleek, modern texture, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone or the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.

Lineo Dimensional Stone offers a modern, plank-like appearance and makes use of specially designed spacer bars to create crisp shadow lines. Combined with Natural Edge Pillar Caps, Lineo Dimensional Stone creates a sophisticated balance between a sharp, contemporary appearance and a rich natural aesthetic.

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, on the other hand, offers a range of fascia panels, each with its own unique style. U-Cara allows you to select from four different finishes: the Umbriano Finish, Series Finish, Smooth Finish and Pitched Face, as well as a number of different color options to create the exact look you want to achieve. Paired with Unilock Natural Edge Pillar Caps, U-Cara can be used to create stunning pillars for your landscape that are both functional and decorative.


The title image features a Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone front entrance with Natural Edge Coping.


Add Gorgeous Accents to Your Landscape with Unilock Natural Stone


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