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7 Pool Deck Design Ideas to Incorporate Functionality

7 Pool Deck Design Ideas to Incorporate Functionality

Making your pool deck central to your outdoor entertaining can offer a number of benefits, provided your pool deck is designed to offer functionality. With your swimming pool as a focal point, you can make your pool deck as functional as it is beautiful by incorporating one or more of these pool deck design ideas:

Poolside Grilling

By adding a grill island to your pool deck, you can combine pool parties and BBQs. As well as allowing the chef and guests to enjoy the poolside ambience, a grill island placed on your pool deck allows for additional adult supervision for children swimming in the pool. Unilock offers a number of excellent grill island options that are suitable for pool decks. Consider, for example, a sleek grill island built from U-Cara Multi-Face, or opt for the character-rich Estate Wall.


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A Raised Pergola Platform

Shade is an important consideration for a pool deck design. You can ensure enough shade inside and outside of the pool by including overhead shade structures in your design. A simple pergola may be all you need to offer swimmers and spectators a place to take shelter from the sun. By placing the pergola on a raised platform beside the pool, you can increase the amount of shade that the pergola offers, as well as provide some splash protection to friends or family members staying out of the sun. For a cohesive look, consider opting for pergola footings that match the vertical elements of your hardscape. Rivercrest Wall, for example, is available in 20 x 20 inch pillar units to allow for the efficient construction of pillars and footings. The same wall units can be used to add character to the vertical drop of a raised platform, and can be used throughout the landscape to add structure and visual interest.

Pool-Adjacent Fire Pit Area

A fire pit and seating area integrated into your pool deck design can offer swimmers a place to warm up and dry off after an evening swim. Permanent seating can be arranged around a fire pit to create an area that is separate from the rest of the pool deck and protected from splashes, while remaining close at hand and accessible. Unilock offers a number of wall and coping options that are suitable for building a customized fire pit and permanent seating that is uniquely suited to your pool deck. Alternatively, you can opt for a Unilock fire pit kit. Unilock fire pit kits have been designed to match almost any design theme imaginable. By opting for the same units used to construct your fire pit for your permanent seating and adding a comfortable coping option, such as Ledgestone, you can ensure a cozy, visually stunning fire pit and seating area.

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Enclosing Privacy Walls

Privacy is often a concern for open landscape areas, particularly pools. Privacy walls included in your pool deck design can offer a convenient solution. These may come in the form of large retaining walls built from Concord Wall or simple but attractive walls built using the Brussels Dimensional System, constructed at strategic points or created to enclose the pool area.

Permanent Seating In and Out of the Pool

Seating space at your poolside can help to encourage even non-swimmers to enjoy the pool deck as a gathering spot. Permanent seating built into your pool deck can provide comfort for poolside gatherings, or simply provide seating room for adult supervision. Permanent seating arrangements can take a variety of forms, but key to all of them is comfort. Choose a suitable coping option, such as Brussels Fullnose or the Fullnose Coping units offered by Unilock Limestone. The coping unit you select for your permanent seating can be repeated as the coping of your pool to provide a safe and comfortable edge on which to sit while dipping your feet into the water. With the help and expertise of a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you can even incorporate permanent seating into the structure of your pool, providing submerged tanning ledges, bar stools and loungers for people enjoying the water on a summer’s day.

Pool-Integrated Water Features

Water features create a relaxing ambience, and what better way to incorporate them into your landscape design than by integrating them into your pool’s water filtration system? Not only do pool-integrated water features make for a soothing poolside atmosphere, they also help to reduce algae growth by aerating the water. Water features can be included into your pool deck design in a number of ways, from water jets that spout from fixtures flush with your pool deck to waterfall-like vertical features that create a continuous sheet of cascading water from a raised point. Consider, for example, combining the rich, natural textures of a Bristol Valley pool deck with Brussels Block and Copthorne accents with the seamless integration of water jet nozzles, or using a Unilock wall unit, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone, to create a waterfall feature with sleek sophistication.

Multi-Level Design for Splash Protection

A pool deck design that takes into account the comfort of non-swimmers is essential for poolside gatherings. To keep people enjoying the pool deck even if they aren’t swimming, providing areas where people can stay dry is recommended. One way to do this is by incorporating multiple levels into your pool deck design. This way they can be protected not by the distance they are away from the pool, but by vertical drops and low walls. Consult with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for a multi-level design that takes into account the natural topography of your landscape.


The title image features a Bristol Valley pool deck with Copthorne and Brussels Block accents, Brussels Fullnose Coping and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.

7 Pool Deck Design Ideas to Incorporate Functionality


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