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7 Interesting Patterns With Unilock Walkway Pavers

7 Interesting Patterns With Unilock Walkway Pavers

The various shapes and sizes in which Unilock pavers are available allow for some stunning laying patterns that can help to highlight and complement the walkways that weave through your landscape design. As well as giving the walkway surface a sense of character and visual interest, laying patterns can also be used to make the walkway appear wider and more welcoming, or subtly guide guests along the path. Here are just a few of the almost endless array of laying patterns that you can achieve with Unilock pavers, and how they can be used to enhance your walkways:



Traditional brick-style pavers, such as Town Hall or Copthorne, are prime candidates for the herringbone laying pattern. These pavers borrow their timeworn appearance from European street pavers. A herringbone laying pattern can complement this classic aesthetic while giving a hardscape surface lively character. With the pavers laid at 90 degrees to one another in a repeating motif, the direction of the walkway can be either enhanced or softened, depending on the direction of the laying pattern. With the vertical pavers aligned to the direction of the walkway, the zigzag effect can subtly encourage pedestrians to slow down and enjoy the stroll through your landscape. And with the laying pattern rotated 45 degrees, a series of arrows are formed that can help to lead the eye to other features, such as the front door, or unobtrusively direct the flow of foot traffic.


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The basketweave laying pattern can help to enhance the antique style of pavers such as Copthorne and Town Hall, as well as the classic Roman style of Mattoni. Because of the anchored appearance of the basketweave laying pattern, this pattern can be put to good use in creating small sections of a walkway where guests can be encouraged to stop and enjoy the scenery. Consider incorporating a bench at sections like this for guests to rest. Little rest stops can also be enhanced by water features to create a soothing ambience. Consider utilizing a wall unit, such as Brussels Dimensional System, with its tumbled quarried stone finish, that complements the classic appearance of a basketweave pattern.


Running Bond

While the running bond laying pattern is traditionally associated with brick-style pavers, such as Copthorne and Town Hall, this laying pattern can be used with any rectangular pavers. This laying pattern offers a strong sense of direction and is ideal for direct paths, as well as to lead guests along meandering walkways that cut through lush vegetation. Beacon Hill Smooth XL units can be used to create a direct walkway that is expansive and modern, while Beacon Hill Flagstone can be used to create a richly textured and impressive walkway using a running bond laying pattern. Smaller pavers, such as Copthorne and Courtstone, can be used to create meandering walkways where the running bond laying pattern follows the twists and turns of the walkway.


Fan and Circular Laying Patterns

Fan laying patterns make for welcoming entrance and exit points to walkways. The wide shape creates an inviting transition from hardscape surfaces such as driveways and patios. The fan shape can be complemented by including circular segments where two walkways intersect. The circular laying pattern can be used to draw attention to central features, meaning that a water feature or sculpture can be used to decorate this sort of intersection. With their small size options and design flexibility, Courtstone pavers are ideal for achieving fan shaped and circular laying patterns for walkway ornamentation.


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Stack Bond and Grid Laying Patterns

Stack bond and grid laying patterns are simple and bold, and perfect for injecting a modern sense of order into a walkway design. Unilock Limestone, which is available in both large square and rectangular slabs, works particularly well for this style. Unilock Limestone features a refined surface and is available in a range of gentle grays—Black River, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist—that further accentuate the simplicity and contemporary appeal of a stack bond or grid laying pattern.


Random Ashlar

A random ashlar, or randomized laying pattern, creates a surface that appears natural and spontaneous. With their multiple size options, and natural stone appearance, pavers such as Umbriano and Bristol Valley are ideal for use in combination with a randomized laying pattern. Walkways incorporating this laying pattern are visually interesting, and complement both traditional and modern design themes.


Coursed Ashlar

Coursed ashlar combines the randomized appeal of random ashlar with a lateral emphasis that is typical of modern design themes. Because of their various sizes and plank-like design, Artline pavers are ideal for achieving this effect. This laying pattern produces walkways that appear wide and welcoming, and is ideal for front entrances. Both coursed ashlar and random ashlar can be complemented with a more structured border, such as one using Copthorne in a running bond laying pattern, to create a well-finished appearance.


The title image features an Artline walkway incorporating a coursed ashlar laying pattern with a running bond Copthorne border.


7 Interesting Patterns With Unilock Walkway Pavers


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