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6 Unbelievable Propane Fire Pit Designs

6 Unbelievable Propane Fire Pit Designs

A propane-fueled fire pit combines warmth and ambience with the convenience of being able to enjoy your fire pit instantly. Many people also prefer propane-fueled fire pits because of the clean, smokeless quality of the flame. Choosing this option means that your fire pit will require less maintenance, as it will not have to be cleaned as often as a wood-burning feature. Here are some stunning propane fire pit designs that you can incorporate into your hardscape with trusted Unilock wall units:

Sleek, Modern, Minimalist

For a stunning, sleek look for any vertical feature, Lineo Dimensional Stone is an excellent option. This wall unit presents an elongated, plank-like appearance and uniquely modern look that is perfect for creating a tidy, minimalist aesthetic. This versatile wall unit is ideal for creating a square or rectangular fire pit or fire table.

The crisp edges and strong lines of this wall unit, enhanced with the use of specially designed shadow spacers, are the perfect complement to the clean burn and modern convenience of gas and propane burning fire features.

With its range of mutually compatible color options, creating bold banding for a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit is as simple as choosing a different color to integrate as an accent. For example, you can introduce stunning contrast to a Sierra Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit with a course of Midnight Charcoal.

Lineo Dimensional Stone offers a finished look for fire pits, with or without coping. However, Ledgestone coping, with its contrasting pitched edge texture, can make a stunning complement to a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit.

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High-End Contemporary

With so many different styles of fascia panels available, U-Cara Multi-Face can be used to achieve a range of different looks. Whether you choose a smooth, sleek finish, a pitched face, or the authentic granite appearance of Umbriano and Series Finishes, the overarching theme here is a sophisticated contemporary appearance, rich in character and elegant color. U-Cara Multi-Face is ideal for square and rectangular propane fire pits and fire tables, and because of the dimensional accuracy assured by Sure Tracker backing blocks, the structure of a U-Cara Multi-Face fire pit is crisp and clean.

With U-Cara Multi-Face, you can combine two or more fascia panels to create vibrant banding for your vertical features. Consider, for example, adding a course of Opal Smooth Face as banding for a fire pit featuring predominantly Steel Mountain Pitched Face fascia panels, or vice versa. Or utilize the Black Granite Series Finish to create bold and eye-catching contrast.

Rugged and Full of Character

For a sophisticated rustic setting, nothing beats the rugged character of an Estate Wall fire pit. The aged, natural rock aesthetic of Estate Wall combines beautifully with the timeworn street brick style of Town Hall pavers. Town Hall pavers can be incorporated as banding for an Estate Wall fire pit, or be used to highlight the feature as a patio accent. Estate Wall is available in multiple size units to achieve a varied, ashlar effect. Estate Wall is available in its own coping unit, but is equally compatible with Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose Coping.


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A Natural Stacked Flagstone Look

With its deep and varied, stacked flagstone surface texture, a Rivercrest Wall fire pit is the ideal complement to a Natural Stone patio. For example, use Rivercrest Wall to complement the character of Unilock Sandstone in the Stone Cliff Grey color option. Rivercrest Wall is available in two subtle color options, Buff and Coastal Slate, which can be combined and used in the same project for additional visual depth. For adding instant appeal to your hardscape with the help of Rivercrest Wall, get the Rivercrest Firepit Kit, preassembled for maximum convenience.

Simple, Classic

The Brussels Dimensional System offers the classic appearance of tumbled stone blocks. This system is specially designed to offer versatility with tapered units, allowing for both round and square fire pit designs, as well as curved and straight retaining walls, seating walls and low walls. Use Brussels Dimensional System to create a custom fire pit design, or go for convenience and simplicity with the Sunset Firepit Kit. A custom design will allow you to incorporate matching Brussels Fullnose Coping as a finishing touch, and the possibility of Copthorne banding for contrast. The Sunset Firepit Kit comes with a range of accessories, including your choice of inserts, a lid, as well as the option of a grill, post and winch setup.

Aged and Timeless

The Romanstack Firepit Kit uses the aged and timeless aesthetic of RomanWall, with its charming split and weathered surface texture, earthy color options and substantial unit sizes. This fire pit kit is available as a round design and comes with insert options, a lid, a post, a grill, and a winch. For maximum convenience, have this preassembled fire pit kit placed and connected to a propane source by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit on a Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone patio.


6 Unbelievable Propane Fire Pit Designs


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