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Walkway Designs and Pavers to Match in Westchester County, NY

Planning a walkway for your Westchester County, NY, residence means taking into consideration the type of materials you will use and how they will match your existing landscape theme. To set the proper tone, make use of the versatility and strength of Unilock pavers and enjoy an aesthetically appealing walkway that will enhance the value of your home. Here are some of the most popular walkway designs and tips on how to choose matching pavers:

A Contemporary Walkway with Natural Stone

Modern residences tend to have clean, soft textures and a minimalist design, so the style of the walkway should be compatible with the style of your home. Such a contemporary theme would be incompatible with a naturalistic walkway that has a whimsical flow and a rugged surface texture. Instead, consider a wide, evenly spaced walkway incorporating finely textured Limestone such as that offered by Unilock.
Unilock natural stone offers natural edges and a range of color options. Premium Quality Limestone from Unilock features deep, cool colors such as Black River, Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and Midnight Shadow that are also great for creating accents and borders.

A Cobblestone Walkway for Historical Elegance

For traditional and rustic landscapes, there is nothing better than a walkway that gives your visitors a warm welcome. Mattoni is the perfect choice for you if you want to create a walkway with a classic Roman appearance and antique touch. This paver offers deep colors; Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, and Sable Blend, which make excellent choices for vivid borders and accents.
Unilock offers a diverse range of products for stunning walkway designs. Combine the grays of Crystalline Basalt and Peppered Granite from the Tribeca Cobble line with Town Hall’s Burgundy Red or Basalt to create timeless beauty in your outdoor space. Tribeca Cobble reflects the appearance of natural granite cobblestones and creates impressive designs with its authentic worn texture. Town Hall offers a distressed, time-worn appearance whose surface texture is cast from vintage brick street pavers. Both pavers are part of the EnduraColor Plus line and also satisfy the rising need of permeable installation methods, allowing you to create an appealing yet eco-friendly walkway.

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A Classic Walkway for Traditional Landscapes

Incorporating a classic walkway into your landscape design is one of the easiest ways to achieve a touch of class in your outdoor spaces. With the gentle surface and clean edges of Westport pavers, your walkway will make a visual impact and bring a relaxed style to your landscape. The paver’s classic flagstone appearance will complement a home’s brick or natural stone siding and creating an inviting look. Westport offers two earthy tones Almond Grove and Sierra, as well as the cooler shade of Granite.
Aside from their visual beauty, Unilock pavers are known for their durability, safety of use, non-slip surface, extreme weather resistance, and exceptional long-term surface performance. A perfect example of these excellent features is the Richcliff paver that is up to four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete. Offering both strength and versatile style options, this paver has an ultra-realistic surface texture that is cast from molds created using actual natural stone. Richcliff comes in two color variations, Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe, as well as the option of a two color on site blend.

The title image features a walkway paved with Umbriano from Unilock, with an Il Campo border.

Walkway Designs and Pavers to Match in Westchester County, NY


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