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Using Retaining Wall Blocks for Patio Steps in Howell, MI

Using Retaining Wall Blocks for Patio Steps in Howell, MI
Steps can be a creative way to add structure and layers to an ordinary landscape. If properly designed, they are a practical yet stunning feature that can elevate and separate different outdoor rooms. Unilock wall blocks give Howell, MI, designers the ability to create steps that will act as attractive accents for any landscape. Here are some of the best retaining wall blocks and coping options for your patio steps:

Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System is widely known for its versatility. This concrete landscaping product offers a weathered surface texture, perfect for building steps that complement traditional landscapes. Its broad color palette allows contractors to create stunning vertical features that will transform the look of the landscape.
With this wall unit, you are getting both of both worlds – a robust and high-quality architectural product, and unparalleled beauty. The system also offers multi-sized tapered components, which are fantastic for building unique patio steps. Available in five different colors that bring timeless elegance to any outdoor space, this wall unit offers a sense of authenticity which is difficult to achieve using other materials. From the earthy Mahogany Ash to the cooler Limestone, Brussels Dimensional System provides the right shades to match specific applications.


This wall stone also offers tapered components that are suitable for building curved steps. Pisa2 has a recognizable split and weathered surface texture that forms the most beautiful yet stable landscape structures. Suitable for traditional and rustic style patios, this wall block will blend with the natural setting of the landscape. Pisa2 is available in a broad palette of exceptional colors. Whether you choose the vibrant shade of Nevada, the bold blend of warm and cool tones of Rustic Red, or the deep shade of Charcoal, your patio steps are sure to be a showstopper.


RomanPisa is another wall unit with a recognizable, rugged elegance that will add an authentic touch to your outdoor space. RomanPisa offers a natural, split and weathered surface texture. RomanPisa is a versatile product that can be used for building both straight and curved patio steps. This wall unit is available in three colors, Nevada, Granite, and Beechwood.


Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger

Brussels Fullnose is an aesthetically pleasing coping option that will give your patio steps a safe and attractive, rounded edge. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger offer a smooth, rounded exposed edge and a weathered surface texture are available in five shades, Desert Sand, Sandstone, Coffee Creek, Mahogany Ash, and Limestone, which will work with almost any design scheme.

Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone coping is the universal coping system from Unilock. Ledgestone is cast from molds of actual natural stone using Unilock Reala Surface Technology which gives the product its ultra-realistic surface texture. Because of its outstanding natural appearance, this coping option will transform the look of your patio steps. Ledgestone is available in two colors, Buff and Grey.

The title image features a pool patio with RomanPisa walls and steps.

Using Retaining Wall Blocks for Patio Steps in Howell, MI


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