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Thinking beyond the Sink and Mini Fridge: Essentials for Your Outdoor Kitchen in St. Louis

When designing an outdoor kitchen for your St. Louis, MO, residence, you’ll no doubt be aiming for a space that is practical, beautiful, and also spacious. With a good plan, your kitchen can achieve all these things, visually expanding the outdoor space, providing an attractive retreat and creating the ultimate spot for enjoyment and gatherings. Here are some things to keep in mind when putting this design together.


First, you’ll need to carefully plan the location of your outdoor kitchen. Determine whether you prefer something simple or you want to create a place where you’ll be able to host large gatherings, and what area of your outdoor space provides the room necessary to accommodate it. Some basic things to consider when finding the perfect location for any outdoor kitchen are wind direction, shade, views, and convenience. You’ll want your outdoor kitchen shielded from the prevailing wind, provided with necessary shade and accessible to your other outdoor areas as well as your indoor kitchen. Shade structures and windshields can always be erected after the fact, but taking advantage of the existing layout can save on additional construction.
Usually, the best location for a kitchen is one closest to your home and utility lines with clear access to your indoor kitchen. Take a look at the space from different angles and make sure the kitchen doesn’t block the view of scenery from inside your home or outdoor areas where you enjoy a sweeping view.


To nail down the style, picture how the kitchen will fit in with other outdoor landscape elements, especially longstanding permanent features such as the pool and patio. Remember that your outdoor kitchen needs to look and feel as though it’s a part of the entire property. Also take into consideration the look of your home and architecture before deciding on a style that you prefer.

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Kitchen Island

To avoid constantly commuting between indoor and outdoor kitchen when hosting parties or family gatherings or entertaining events, you’ll need to include plenty of storage and counter space in your kitchen. Ideally, this should include a preparation, cooking, serving, and cleanup area. A kitchen island is the perfect addition for enlarging your space and working surface area. A kitchen island is not only practical but also an attractive addition to any outdoor space. To build the ideal kitchen island, try Unilock Rivercrest Wall. This wall unit adds the character of natural stone to any structure, creating a stylish twist in your outdoor space. With Rivercrest Wall, your kitchen island will showcase the realistic texture of flagstone and its timeless appeal.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven gives any outdoor space a unique touch, additional functionality and can widen the variety of meals served outdoors. Your pizza oven can be built onto your countertop or as a separate element.


Don’t forget to include an effective lighting plan with your outdoor kitchen design. Lighting is crucial for evening gathering, adding ambience to the space and providing adequate light for food preparation and cooking. Remember to include functional down-lighting for cooking areas and countertops.

The title image features a grill island built from Rivercrest Wall in Buff with Copthorne banding and accompanying walkway.

Thinking beyond the Sink and Mini Fridge: Essentials for Your Outdoor Kitchen in St. Louis MO


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