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Style Your Patio by Mixing and Matching Concrete Pavers and Wall Stones in London, ON

Style Your Patio by Mixing and Matching Concrete Pavers and Wall Stones in London, Ontario


When it comes to your backyard patio design, playing it safe with colors and textures sounds like a good idea, but this may also keep you from you adding that personalized touch that will make your London, Ontario, home more visually expressive. To achieve that extra flair, you need high-quality materials that will add class and elegance to your patio space. Unilock offers all the products you need to create the patio of your dreams. Visit your local Outdoor Idea Center to see the colors and texture of these pavers and walls stones in person so you can make sure you choose the right combination for your project. Here are some stunning combinations to get you started:

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Brussels Dimensional Stone and Umbriano Pavers

Brussels Dimensional Stone presents a weathered texture, perfectly recreating the authentic look of quarried stone. This paver provides a stunning color palette which runs the spectrum from subtle neutral shades to rich and vibrant earthy tones. The unique texture of Brussels Dimensional Stone is balanced and contrasted with the smooth, modern elegance of Umbriano pavers. Umbriano pavers are designed to capture the mottled character of natural granite. Actual granite particles are infused into the paver’s surface to achieve this. Both of these products offer a different take on the natural stone look. Together they create a luxurious feel and are sure to add a fresh touch to the area.


Lineo Dimensional Stone and Richcliff Pavers

Taking your color palette into consideration is very important when mixing different materials. Richcliff pavers come in a variety of tones and hues and recreate the natural look of flagstone. To beautify the effortless aesthetics of Richcliff, consider adding a fire pit or seating area using Lineo Dimensional Stone. This wall unit is ideal for designing stunning fire pit tables because of its sleek lines, smooth surfaces, and modern aesthetics. The combination of these two products can yield both stunning contrasts and gentle monochromatic schemes. Consider, for example, combining Richcliff in the Smoke Shale color option with Lineo Dimensional Stone in Sandstone for a vibrant contrast, or try Lineo Dimensional Stone in Granite Blend with Richcliff’s Dawn Mist for something more uniform.


Rivercrest Wall and Courtstone

Rivercrest Wall is perfect for adding a subtle, neutral color to the landscape while highlighting surrounding patio elements. Add a retaining wall, kitchen island, fire pit or pillars to your patio design with Rivercrest Wall and enjoy the authentic look of stacked flagstone. To complement Rivercrest Wall, either as an accent paver or as the primary paver for your patio, consider pairing it Courtstone. Courtstone is the perfect accent paver for adding warm touches of color to a hardscape, or creating deep borders that will highlight your patio’s verticals. The Old World cobblestone appearance of Courtstone matches a number of different styles, and its several sizes can be laid in interesting patterns, including fan and circular arrangements. The combination of Rivercrest Wall and Courtstone is ideal for adding a distinguishing touch to traditional landscapes, regardless of the features you wish to include.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Brussels Dimensional Stone.


Style Your Patio by Mixing and Matching Concrete Pavers and Wall Stones in London, ON


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