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Stunning Retaining Wall Blocks Now Trending in Pittsburgh, PA

Enhancing your landscape with the construction of a retaining wall can be a choice made out of necessity or preference. Whether your plan is to prevent further erosion of your property or to enhance your landscape design with a statement-making construction, Unilock offers the Pittsburgh area retaining wall solutions with style. With these durable and functional products, your construction will be simple and the end result stunning.


If you need to deal with a steep slope or drop off on your property, Pisa2 offers a functional and remarkable solution. These blocks are created to naturally create the correct slope during construction, making the build easier. The resulting structure is exceptionally stable, even if the design includes curves rather than only straight lines. Unilock offers a comprehensive system in this design, including the corner, wall, and coping pieces needed to complete the project. To fully meet the style needs of homeowners, Pisa2 comes in a range shades including Granite, River, Sandstone and Sierra.


Another option from Unilock for building a stunning retaining wall is RomanPisa. These units offer an aged texture with versatile functionality. This style of unit is ideal for maintaining cohesion among all of your yard’s hardscaping whether you add a fire pit, garden wall, or tree ring in addition to your retaining wall feature. The colors available include River, Granite, and Sierra, so you can choose whether to add depth with varying shades or keep a consistency of color for your hardscaped features. With the help of a landscape expert, this product allows for a design for your entire property that is functional and aesthetically pleasing while keeping in line with your current architecture and personal tastes.

Brussels Dimensional System

As a versatile and visually attractive system for building vertical landscape construction, Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock offers landscape specialists and homeowners an easy, stunning solution for any landscape build, especially retaining walls. The system comes in 9 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch blocks as well as corner pieces and coping. Brussels Dimensional System allows for designs that range from simple to vastly complex. To further customize the design, choose from a plethora of color options, including Coffee Creek, Limestone, River, Sandstone, Sierra, or Brown. Whether you focus on functionality and keeping your property’s soil in place, or you choose to embellish the retaining wall with planters and seating, Brussels Dimensional Stone offers the ideal product for building a suitable retaining wall for your landscape.

Estate Wall

Perfect for the construction of a retaining wall, Estate Wall building units provide a weathered, antique aesthetic that is ideal for grand estates and rustic backyards alike. The vast number of unit lengths available facilitate a variety of patterns and building options. The color options available include River, Sierra, Sycamore, and Walnut for a variety of warm, welcoming tones and varied accents. Transform your property with a stunning, estate-worthy retaining wall that promises functionality and landscaping perfection.

The title image features a retaining wall built with RomanPisa topped with Ledgestone coping, and surrounds paved with Thornbury pavers.

Stunning Retaining Wall Blocks Now Trending in Pittsburgh, PA

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