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Stunning Pavers for Rustic and Traditional Outdoor Kitchens in Omaha, Lincoln

If you’re creating a design for an outdoor kitchen, the key is to stay in line with the general aesthetic of your property. Modern homes should maintain a contemporary theme, and traditional homes should embrace some sort of traditional look as well. For those with a traditional or rustic bent, finding pavers that are both appropriate and stunning in appearance is easy with Unilock products. Many of the products offered in Omaha or Lincoln, NE work well for rustic or traditional outdoor kitchens while providing the benefits Unilock is known for, including durability, affordability, and natural-esque aesthetic.

Avante Ashlar

For a high end rustic flavor, Avante Ashlar pavers work with either rustic or traditional outdoor kitchen designs. The texture of Avante Ashlar calls to mind the characteristics of flagstone, while the L-shape laying pattern creates a tightly locked joint that further enhances durability of the surface. The colors available for this paver speak to a natural, traditional design and rich backyard aesthetic. You can choose between the subtle shades of Almond Grove and Shadow Creek with peace of mind that the two-step process of manufacturing enhances fade resistance, ensuring color that will last a lifetime. In order to further customize this option, you can select either black, tan, or grey sand for use as a jointing compound. You’ll be quite surprised by the striking difference that this small detail can make.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen and dining space paved with Avante Ashlar in Almond Grove.


Brussels Block

The next option from Unilock that speaks to either a rustic or traditional outdoor kitchen plan is Brussels Block. A popular choice for a reason, this paver offers the history of cobblestone with the customization and affordability of a product from Unilock. The antique, weathered aesthetic will enhance the rustic nature of your kitchen design, creating a casual and comfortable space for fellowship and relaxation. These pavers are available in the shades of Coffee Creek, Limestone, Prairie, Sandstone, and Sierra. You’ll have no difficulty finding a color to complement the palette of your home and other landscape features.


Another paver option that provides an aesthetic reminiscent of cobblestone is the Camelot paver system from Unilock. However, this option differs from Brussels Block with its round edges for a smooth, comfortable feel under foot. The design of the stone itself provides a historical aesthetic with a modern twist. Available in both rectangle and square units as well as many color options, the patterns possible with this paving choice are many. You can easily create an intricate or simple design that complements your home and landscape while creating an aesthetic that ranges from old-time rustic to contemporary traditional.


For another pattern-friendly paver, choose Hollandstone. Whether you’d like to incorporate an “area rug” design into your patio space or have a straightforward design, these units come in one size, making the pattern process simple. The flexibility of this paver comes in the coloring. Choose from Autumn Red, Charcoal, Prairie, Red, River, Rustic Red, or Sierra to design a rustic outdoor kitchen floor that will enhance the warmth and comfort of your design. Alternatively, with a matching color choice, you can emphasize the traditional architecture of your home and extend this theme into your outdoor kitchen space, depending on your landscape, your home’s architecture, and your own personal tastes.
Stunning Pavers for Rustic and Traditional Outdoor Kitchens in Omaha, Lincoln NE

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