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Retaining Wall Design Themes to Consider for your Buffalo, NY, Landscape

Retaining Wall Design Themes to Consider for your Buffalo, NY, Landscape


The retaining wall that is incorporated in your yard to correct slopes, frame outdoor areas, or simply enhance the privacy or sophistication of your property in Buffalo, NY doesn’t have to follow a one-size-fits-all paradigm. Your options for design are vast; you can easily complement the aesthetic of the home and existing property with the materials chosen for the construction of your retaining wall. Pursue a specific design theme with your choice from among the vast selection of Unilock wall units for a durable, strong, and beautiful result. Whether you prefer the modern, historical, regal, or rustic approach, consider these stunning building units offered by Unilock.


The Modern Approach

If your home is of a contemporary design or you simply prefer a smooth and to the point style, look to Lineo Dimensional Stone. These blocks offer a linear, modern aesthetic with a smooth texture. With a full range of units, you can completely modernize your retaining wall with this series by choosing from among the multitude of colors offered. These shades consist of Granite Blend, Sandstone, Midnight Charcoal, and Sierra, for a modern result for your retaining wall feature. The high degree of contrasting color also facilitates the addition of banding within your wall as well.


The Pursuit of the Historical

There’s something to be said for historical beauty. The idyllic times of lazing about amongst the creeks and cobblestone walls of olden years can be experienced again, in a fashion, when you set about on creating a historically themed retaining wall. Choose Rivercrest Wall for a retaining wall with an historical theme. These units have the same strength and resiliency of other Unilock options while incorporating multiple units and a natural stacked flagstone texture for an authentically historical approach. The color choices of Buff and Coastal Slate offer a natural appearance and a rich texture reminiscent of old world country walls.

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Aim for the Royal

If your property is visually impressive, and you need retaining walls to match, aim for materials with a regal aesthetic. Unilock offers a series called Estate Wall that is perfect for this situation. This series has a naturally weathered texture, ample sized blocks, and three color choices, all of which are in keeping with a natural stone appearance. These include River, Sierra, and Walnut. A retaining wall made from Estate Wall will fit right in with a variety of properties, from the palatial to the traditional home.


Or Go Rustic

At the opposite end of a similar spectrum, you’ll find the Unilock series called Brussels Dimensional Stone. This weathered option has a refined, antique appearance, and the versatility of the series is impressive. The color options include Limestone, Sandstone, Sierra, Mahogany Ash, Desert Sand, and Midnight Charcoal, so you’ll be able to incorporate a creative touch with color combinations. Whether you require various colors to match your home or would like to include accent pieces within the design, this option fits within the country inspired outdoor area well. Hard and fast rules don’t have to apply to your landscape design. Combine your creativity, preferences, appreciation of your home’s aesthetic, and the guiding hand of a landscaping professional while creating your plan for a remarkable retaining wall with Brussels Dimensional Stone.

The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall.



Retaining Wall Design Themes to Consider for your Buffalo, NY, Landscape


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