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Paving Stones for Heavy-Duty Applications in Clayton, NY

Paving Stones for Heavy-Duty Applications in Clayton, NY


Sometimes a landscape design requires more than just visual appeal. In Clayton, NY, other factors occasionally need to be considered, such as the requirements of high-traffic areas and other circumstances where heavy-duty pavers are needed. The concrete pavers chosen for these types of designs need to be especially strong and durable while also maintaining a sense of style. Here are some options that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing:



Courtstone pavers have attractive design, durability and strength in equal measure. With the look and feel of old-world cobble, and the durability of modern Unilock concrete pavers, these are among the top choices for robust design. Courtstone pavers take advantage of Unilock patented Ultima Concrete Technology. With this technology, the pavers are able to present an elegant appearance while being up to 4 times stronger than poured concrete. In addition, Courtstone makes use of Reala Surface Technology. This means that the pavers are cast from over a hundred molds of authentic cobblestone. Because of this, each Courtstone paver varies slightly while offering a seamless, structurally sound surface.



Umbriano is an excellent choice for achieving a contemporary look without giving up structural integrity. Unilock has expertly crafted this paver to look and feel like authentic honed granite. Umbriano is perfect for high-traffic areas, whether its foot traffic or repeated parking, that will hold up to the test of time. Umbriano has a very dense composition which allows it to outlast most competing pavers on the market today. Umbriano also offers resistance to stains and blemishes. This concrete paver is virtually unaffected by chlorine and sodium, making it a perfect choice for a pool area, or for driveways where deicing compounds will be used.

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Promenade Plank Paver

The variety offered by the Promenade Plank Pavers is also an choice for commercial or residential heavy-duty applications. The Promenade Plank Paver is a solid option, both structurally and aesthetically. This paver comes in a variety of beautiful colors, as well as special order finishes to fit any color scheme or design style. Promenade Plank Pavers come in 3 different sizes to further suit your preferences. The Promenade Plank Paver manufacturing process incorporates EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This process combines two separate layers of aggregate – fine, hard-wearing aggregates on top, strong, stable aggregates underneath – to produce beautiful, everlasting color.



If you are looking for a weathered look with longevity, or a cobblestone look with a modern twist, Camelot pavers may be more your style. With a range of different sizes, and three varied color options, this paver is as versatile as it is durable. Camelot pavers have a worn edge and rounded corners, making these unique pavers look like they’ve been in place for years, and ensuring an authentic historical appearance with modern elegance. Camelot pavers are suitable for pedestrian, residential, and commercial traffic.


There is no small number of options available to you when looking for pavers suitable for heavy-duty applications from Unilock. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to explore your options further and ensure that you get the craftsmanship to match the quality of your pavers.

The title image features a Promenade Plank Paver driveway.



Paving Stones for Heavy-Duty Applications in Clayton, NY


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