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Paving Contractors Secrets for Stunning Driveways in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills

A well-designed driveway is an asset to any Detroit, Bloomfield, or Farmington Hills, MI, property. For a driveway to be most effective, the design should fit in well with the rest of the exterior to really complement and add to the overall landscape design. Another secret to a stunning driveway is to incorporate bold, high quality materials. For that Unilock has you covered. Coupled with resourceful workmanship, attractive landscaping, and a keen consideration of details that will add glamour without sacrificing function, you have a recipe for world-class curb appeal.
Let’s take a look at how you can create a driveway to boost your front yard aesthetics and add value to your home:

Use Copthorne to get the look of brick that lasts a lifetime

Copthorne pavers incorporate new technology that provides a traditional warm charm to driveways. These pavers are designed to capture the texture and detail of the brick pavers used in old European cities, villages and towns. Copthorne is highly durable and won’t split, fade or crack. Dimensions are made consistent for easy, efficient installation. Copthorne makes an excellent paving material for the main body of a driveway and is especially suitable to traditional homes. Because of its rich, vibrant colors, it’s also the perfect choice for creating borders to paved or asphalt driveways where a touch of Burgundy Red or Old Oak can add depth and contrast.

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Add random laying patterns with Il Campo

Il Campo is an ideal solution for steep driveways because of its specially textured surface featuring brushed, irregular lines etched across each paver. The surface texture is also a key feature for adding to a rich aesthetic. In addition, Il Campo’s wide variety of shape and size options make it ideal for creating interesting and seemingly random laying patterns to maximize visual interest.

Get the look of quarried stone with Brussels Block

If you are looking to turn your driveway into a timeless feature, Brussels Block pavers are ideal. Even when newly installed, the worn and tumbled textures of Brussels Block make it appear as if it has been there for years. Featuring three unit sizes, this paver allows the creation of random or fixed patterns that are both simple and pleasing to the eye.

Create charm using cobblestone pavers

Unilock cobblestone pavers such as Courtstone, Olde Greenwich Cobble and Tribeca Cobble are among the most attractive materials for a stunning antique driveway and have near endless possibilities for color and pattern. Cobblestone pavers are perfect for adding a sense of historical charm and are the ideal complement to a home with historical architectural features. Courtstone features the worn surface of Old World cobblestone and is available in Basalt, Belgian Blue, Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist. Olde Greenwich Cobble, on the other hand, features a sophistication that can be just as easily suited to a contemporary look as a more traditional one. These pavers offer vibrant colors and are ideal for adding warmth as well as historic charm. For the strong and characterful look of worn granite cobble, Tribeca Cobble is the obvious choice, providing the look of North America’s oldest cobbled streets.

The title image features an Il Campo paved driveway in Coffee Creek with Dark Charcoal bordering.

Paving Contractors Secrets for Stunning Driveways in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills


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