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Paver Combinations to Give Your Landscape Design a Luxurious Feel in Akron, OH

Paver Combinations to Give Your Landscape Design a Luxurious Feel in Akron, OH


Investing in high-quality pavers will give your Akron, OH, residence a sophisticated appeal and take your landscape design to the next level. These paver combinations have been specially selected to create breathtaking outdoor spaces and introduce a luxurious look and feel to your project:


Artline and Series

Enhance the look of your minimalist backyard by including the graphic interest offered by Artline pavers. This paver offers a versatile color palette that provides both glamour and sleek elegance. Artline’s sophisticated, clean lines are quintessentially modern, and exactly what a patio space needs to be both eye-catching and minimalist. Adding borders is an excellent trick for highlighting Artline’s subtle colors. Series pavers are the ideal complement to Artline, with a number of rich, bold colors, including Onyx Black, Mineral Ice Grey, Golden Tan, Mocha Brown, and Cobalt Grey. Series pavers also complement Artline with their speckled granite and quartz surfaces, which contribute to the luxury of a modern design.

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Umbriano and Courtstone

The everlasting beauty of Umbriano‘s mottled surface will add an effortless, high-end glamor to your backyard. This paver is part of the EnduraColor Plus line and is ideal for paving your driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway. Also part of the EnduraColor Plus line, but offering the very different look of worn cobblestone is Courtstone. Courtstone is perfect for adding contrast to Umbriano’s light Summer Wheat, French Grey or Winter Marvel color options. Although an unusual combination, Courtstone combined with Umbriano has the effect of being simultaneously old-world and modern, making it an interesting and luxurious choice.


Richcliff and Copthorne

Because of their stunning natural flagstone appearance, Richcliff pavers will effectively add a touch of class to your patio or pool design, maintaining the same vibrant presence for years to come. Richcliff pavers offer a realistic embossed surface texture that ensures a random, natural appearance and deep variation from paver to paver. To complement the rich, inviting textures of Richcliff pavers, consider Copthorne pavers. Copthorne pavers are the ultimate brick-style paver, offering the vivid colors of Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay, Basalt and Steel Blue. These are excellent for contrasting Richcliff’s cool shades of Dawn Mist or Smoke Shale, or complementing the warm Pebble Taupe.

Black River and Winter Mist Limestone

Natural stone will add an authentic touch to any landscape. While many homeowners shy away from natural stone because of its maintenance requirements, Unilock offers Premium Quality Natural Stone that features low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability and flexural strength to ensure maximum dependability. Furthermore, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is covered by our lifetime guarantee. Unilock Limestone offers a remarkable, finely textured surface and is available in two mutually compatible color options, Winter Mist and Black River. Combining these two color options will result in a color scheme that adds depth and character to your landscape design. Consider, for example, a raised Black River patio, bordered by Winter Mist Natural Edge Coping, for a dramatic and captivating aesthetic. Or try the reverse for a subtle patio with a bold edge.

The title image features a Courtstone driveway with Umbriano walkway and accents.


Paver Combinations to Give Your Landscape Design a Luxurious Feel in Akron, OH


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