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Natural Stone Substitutes for Vertical Elements in your Flint, Midland, Bay City Landscape

There’s no doubt that natural stone has an engaging texture and attractive color that can bring your landscape to life. However, natural stone is subject to the vagaries of availability, and transport costs. Natural stone is also prone to issues such as spalling where the surface of the stone fragments because of exposure to moisture, frigid weather conditions and direct sunlight. That’s why Unilock offers realistic substitutes imbued with the texture and color of natural stone, at a fraction of the cost. Here are some such products that are designed to create authentic looking walls and other vertical elements while remaining robust in the face of the elements.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is the ultimate concrete substitute for stacked flagstone and perfect for creating beautiful retaining walls with a countryside feel. Rivercrest Wall features a rapid pillar system for quick and easy construction of pillars to finish off the ends of your retaining wall, seating wall or low wall system.

Estate Wall

With a natural rock face texture and subtle, earthy colors, Estate Wall offers the look and feel of aged quarried stone. Estate Wall is ideal for adding a touch of character to your outdoor spaces and can be used for most vertical structures including grill islands, permanent seating and raised plant beds.

Brussels Dimensional System

The tumbled edges and fine surface texture of the Brussels Dimensional System give this attractive and versatile product its unique rustic charm. Brussels Dimensional System is available in a wide range of natural colors to match your home’s color scheme. These include Sandstone, the earthy Coffee Creek, a warm Desert Sand, rich Mahogany Ash and Limestone for a neutral and widely compatible gray.


For retaining walls or elements that require a level of engineered stability, Pisa2 offers automatic slope correction and the versatility of tapered units for introducing winding retaining walls, straight walls or sweeping curved stairs into your landscape design. Pisa2 features a coarse grained surface texture and a range of rich colors including, but not limited to, Charcoal, Granite, Sandstone and Rustic Red.

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For an old world feel, RomanPisa provides a rugged, timeworn look of centuries old natural stone. The deep warmth of the Beechwood color option, the subtle vibrance of Nevada and the impressive Granite color options offer an excellent complement to most architectural styles and color schemes and are well paired with natural rock and boulder landscape features.


For heavy duty steps and walls, the impressive weight of SienaStone offers a solid foundation and a visual anchor. SienaStone features smooth sides and top with a split rock face texture and bevelled edges, making it ideal for creating landscape staircases and walls with a refined upper surface. The face texture, naturalistic coloring and heavy weight of SienaStone combine to make ideal for creating long walls that maintain visual interest.


Split’NSTACK is a comprehensive wall system for creating curved walls and organic shapes. The tapered blocks allow for great flexibility while a structural interlock ensures stability and cohesion.

The title image features a low wall built with Estate Wall blocks and coping in Sierra.

Natural Stone Substitutes for Vertical Elements in your Flint, Midland, Bay City MI Landscape

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