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Must-Haves for Outdoor Kitchens in Mississauga & Toronto

For many homeowners in Mississauga and Toronto, outdoor kitchens are an integral part of a modern residence. A high quality, sophisticated outdoor kitchen built from long-lasting materials will encourage better utilization of your outdoor spaces with its flawless design and modern conveniences. If you are planning your outdoor kitchen, check out these must-have essentials that can transform your outdoor space into a setting well-equipped for entertainment, cooking and dining.

The Charm of Bar Islands

A bar island for your outdoor kitchen is not just a flexible and practical work/entertainment area, it’s also an attractive addition to your outdoor space. Bar islands constructed from Unilock wall systems add a contemporary touch to your kitchen, creating a desirable, stylish twist that complements the elegance of the surrounding outdoor areas. It is a great place for small gatherings and its proximity to an outdoor kitchen allows both hosts and visitors to play an equal role in socializing and preparation of meals.

Multi-Level Counter Top

Plenty of counter space eases the chef’s cooking experience, making for an overall more enjoyable occasion. The popularity of multi-level countertops is due to their functionality. These usually consist of two levels: one for prepping food, the other for pouring drinks or serving.

Outdoor Grill

An outdoor kitchen is incomplete without a grill. If you are worried about how the look of the grill will blend into the overall design of your kitchen, a grill island can enclose your grill and help it to merge with the aesthetic of the rest of the space. Whether you choose a traditional gas grill, a charcoal ceramic smoker or a grill that runs on other fuel such as charcoal pellets, nestling it in a stylish Unilock grill island on matching pavers will create a timeless design and inviting space.

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The Unique Touch of a Pizza Oven

A wood-fired pizza oven is the ideal feature for giving your outdoor kitchen unique functionality. The spectrum of design choices is vast with a variety of stylish approaches, depending on your preferences. Build your pizza oven right into a countertop surface or as a freestanding entity and enjoy pizza night outdoors.

Storage Space for a Practical Outdoor Kitchen

Storage space should never be overlooked, and if you’re using your outdoor kitchen regularly you’ll soon find it fully stocked. Having plenty of storage space allows you to store necessary kitchen utensils, cooking equipment, fuel and condiments in order to make your outdoor kitchen less dependent on your indoor one. When everything is readily at hand, outdoor storage can also save the chef a whole lot of time and hassle.
While dry storage is a must, a complete dining experience includes chilled drinks and fresh ingredients, so consider adding an outdoor refrigerator to your list of storage requirements.

The Power of Design

The key to a balanced, visually warm outdoor kitchen is a design that complements the character of your home. Whether you choose a classic or edgy look, combining the durability of concrete and the charm of natural stone offered by Unilock products will result in an outdoor kitchen that is as functional as it is charming.

The title image features an outdoor grill island built from Brussels Dimensional Stone, complemented by an Il Campo paver patio with a Brussels Block border.

Must-Haves for Outdoor Kitchens in Mississauga & Toronto ON

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