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Must-Have Features for Your Cincinnati, OH, Outdoor Kitchen This Summer

Must-Have Features for Your Cincinnati, OH, Outdoor Kitchen This Summer


This summer, make your backyard the entertainment hotspot for your family and friends. An outdoor kitchen and dining area can help to establish functionality and create an environment where backyard gatherings can be enjoyed. To make the most out of your outdoor kitchen this coming outdoor season in Cincinnati, OH, make sure your entertainment space is equipped with these essential features:


Permanent Seating

To allow your guests to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of great weather and burgers being grilled, you’ll need to supply plenty of seating. Permanent seating is ideal, as it is always at hand and ready to accommodate even large numbers of guests, especially when you might not have planned for so many. Low walls can double as seating walls provided they’re equipped with comfortable coping. Ideally the coping should offer a fine surface texture and rounded edge for maximum safety. Unilock offers the perfect permanent seating coping in the form of Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger. This coping option comes in six versatile colors – Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, Sierra, Mocha, and Dark Charcoal – each ideal for adding warmth, visual interest and contrast to your permanent seating arrangement.


Grill Island and Bar

Naturally, no outdoor kitchen is complete without a grill island. Worth bearing in mind, however, is that not all grill islands are created equal. To ensure the greatest level of aesthetic compatibility with your home, as well as durability that you will be able to depend on for decades, be sure to invest in building materials that won’t let you down. Unilock wall units, such as the new U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, offer the best of both beauty and function, and are ideal for constructing both compact and more elaborate outdoor kitchen grill islands. But why stop there? Extend your grill island into a fully functional bar to make sure the chef is kept company while he cooks, and guessed are kept refreshed.

The title image features a grill island built using the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System with Opal Smooth Face and Steel Grey Pitched Face fascia panels.


Shade Structures

Cooking and dining outdoors should be enjoyable for everyone. To keep your outdoor kitchen and dining area comfortable for all of your guests, at least partial shade should be provided. This can take the form of a pergola over the outdoor kitchen and bar area, or a simple enclosing wall system that blocks out the worst of the summer glare. You can enhance the appearance of a pergola by having it’s support beams fitted into pillars built from Unilock wall units such as Rivercrest Wall or Estate Wall.


A Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

To complement your outdoor kitchen and provide guests with warmth, either before or after the meal, a fire pit is an absolute must-have. With an assortment of easy-to-install fire pit kits, as well as a huge variety of wall units from which you can have a custom fire pit kit built, Unilock has you covered for stunning fire features. You might even prefer something a little larger and more elaborate in order to create an impressive outdoor dining and cooking area. In this case, a Unilock pre-built outdoor fireplaces is ideal. You can select from multiple design options or opt to have your fireplace designed and built by a trusted Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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Must-Have Features for Your Cincinnati, OH, Outdoor Kitchen This Summer


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