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Landscaping Ideas: Small Changes that Make a Huge Difference for Oxford, CT, Homes

If you’re looking for ways to give your Oxford, CT landscape a fresh look but don’t have time for a complete makeover, here are a few simple ideas that can make a big visual impact on the look of your yard:

Accents and Borders for a Contemporary Appearance

The design of your hardscapes – patio, driveway, and walkways – is the cornerstone of a stunning landscape. Consider spicing things up by adding attractive accents and borders that complement or contrast your existing hardscape. Accents and borders can have a fantastic effect on the aesthetics of your entire outdoor space. Add a contemporary touch to your driveway or accentuate the beauty of your walkways with Unilock paving stones.
Unilock Artline pavers create stunning driveways that captivate with their sleek, modern appearance. This paver reflects a minimalist design and comes in a range of colors that are perfect for creating visual interest. If your driveway is built with coarse paving stones, adding borders with the dark French Grey or the earthy Tuscany color option will produce contrast and accent the beauty of the original paving stone. The Artline paver is part of the Unilock EnduraColor product line, which ensures strength and weather-resistance of the color.
Walkways lead the visitor through the highlights of a landscape, so their design and structure is crucial. If you already have a focal point in your outdoor scenery, bordering your walkways with the right paver will create further interest. The Beacon Hill Smooth paver provides a subtle finish with contemporary feel. The shade of Desert Valley is perfect for accenting a light-toned walkway or patio, while the cool shade of Steel Mountain will make an impressive addition to neutral colored, modern structure.

The title image features a walkway paved with Umbriano in Autumn Sunset, complemented by an Old Oak Copthorne border.


Separate Spaces with Low Walls and Pillars

Dividing your outdoor space into separate rooms will create a clearly organized outdoor area. Depending on the style of your landscape, adding rustic or contemporary style walls or pillars is a small investment that is easy to install, but will make a huge difference in your yard.
The Brussels Dimensional System is an incredibly versatile concrete landscaping product whose multi-sized, tapered components are ideal for a wide range of structures. These concrete units come in a wide range of colors, such as the cool shades of Limestone and New York Blend. Low walls and pillars can also be easily fitted to water features that will add movement to the yard.

Natural Stone Coping

Natural stone adds a remarkable elegance to the outdoor space and is a popular choice among homeowners looking to add a refined touch to their outdoor areas. Unilock Limestone coping can be used on steps, walls, outdoor kitchen islands, and permanent seating arrangements. The stone is precisely cut and calibrated, and its natural beauty won’t fail to enhance the appearance of the structure. The shades of Black River, Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and Midnight Shadow are available in the Oxford, CT, area.

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Fire Pit Kits

Fire pits make a charming addition to any landscape, providing warmth and beauty. If you don’t have a fire pit in your landscape, be sure to take advantage of these desirable focal points offered by Unilock. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit, for example, adds instant charm and appeal to a yard with quick and easy installation.
Landscaping Ideas: Small Changes that Make a Huge Difference for Oxford, CT, Homes


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