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Landscape Stone Ft. Wayne

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EnduraColor™ Plus Landscape Stone Pavers – the Perfect Choice for Your Home in Ft. Wayne, IN

Unilock’s landscape stone pavers are perfect for transforming an outdoor area of your Ft. Wayne, IN, property to make the space more attractive and usable for your family. We offer paving stones in a diverse selection of styles, colors, textures, and shapes to guarantee you can achieve the exact look you want for your new outdoor retreat. Plus, we’ve infused our pavers with technology that ensures they will last a lifetime. For instance, we’ve embedded top performing minerals directly into the surface of our EnduraColor™ Plus pavers to give them unprecedented wear resistance.
Our landscape stone pavers are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Patios – We offer many different compatible pavers and wall systems, which you can use to make a patio that features borders, steps, garden walls, and more. Our paving stones boast robust stain resistance, which can help prevent spilled food and drinks from staining the pavers’ surface.
  • Driveways – You can use our landscape stone pavers to create a custom driveway that perfectly complements your Ft. Wayne, IN, home. Our pavers have up to four times the strength of poured concrete driveways, so they will do a better job of supporting the heavy weights of cars. Plus, they are virtually impenetrable to stains caused by the types of oils and grease that may leak from a car.
  • Walkways – Whether you want to create a path that connects your driveway and backyard patio, or one that winds through your garden to allow for relaxing strolls, we surely have the landscape stone you need for the project.
  • And more

For a free estimate on an outdoor retreat made with our remarkable landscape stone pavers, contact Unilock today, and we’ll connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in the Ft. Wayne, IN area.

Landscape stone Ft. Wayne IN | Fort Wayne


Find the Perfect Landscape Stone for Your Ft. Wayne, IN, Home from Unilock

Unilock landscape stone is ideal for any paver installation project you may have planned for your Fort Wayne, Indiana, home. Available in a broad range of styles, colors, and shapes, our paving stones will enable you to create virtually any design you can imagine. By incorporating accents and borders, you have practically endless options for your new outdoor retreat.

And, more than simply looking beautiful, our paving stone is distinguished from other products on the market because of its exceptional durability. When you use Unilock products for your landscape project, you can trust that it will retain its gorgeous appearance with virtually no maintenance required of you. That’s because our landscape stone is:

  • Made with colorfast pigments
  • Able to withstand harsh freeze/thaw cycles
  • Tolerant of oil and gas spills
  • Resistant to salt erosion
  • Unaffected by chlorine

Founded in 1972, Unilock has led the way in bringing these types of innovative landscape stone products to North American homeowners. Today, our latest technological breakthroughs can be seen in our EnduraColor™ Plus collection, which features products that are made with a complex blend of granite and quartz, some of nature’s highest performing materials.

Contact Unilock today, and we’ll connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor who will give you a free, no-obligation estimate on any landscape stone project you may be considering for your home. We proudly offer our exceptional products for homeowners in Fort Wayne, IN, and across the United States.


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