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Ideal Coping Options for your St. Louis Fire Pit

A well-designed fire pit is not only a beautiful focal point and center of attention in your St. Louis, MO, yard, but also creates an outdoor setting in which to sit and enjoy cool evenings. There are many design methods and features to choose from to create the fire pit that best suits your tastes and the style of your landscape. Among the design elements to consider is coping. Coping is a finishing or protective course or cap to an exterior masonry wall or the like. Although Unilock products are durable enough on their own not to require coping as a protective measure, coping can still be used as an attractive finishing touch or decorative embellishment.
Coping can also provide a suitable finish to complete the visual appeal of a fire pit and gives a beautiful matching finish to surrounding seat walls. Here are some of the stunning fire pit coping options available to you from Unilock:

Brussels Fullnose Coping

Brussels Fullnose coping is ideal for creating a smooth, rounded exposed edge that promotes comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. The surface texture of Brussels Fullnose is aged, creating a warm, welcoming feel, and the smooth, rounded edges make a comfortable addition to your fire pit seating design. Brussels Fullnose coping is available in the rich, inviting colors of Coffee Creek, Prairie, Sandstone and Sierra. For a more neutral tone to complement warm surroundings, a grey Limestone shade is also available. For comfortable seating ledges or a rounded fire pit edge on which to warm the feet, Brussels Fullnose coping is an ideal choice.

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Estate Wall Coping

The appeal of this coping is timeless warmth and beauty. It is a distinctive coping for a fire pit with its antiqued, tumbled finish and split rock texture. With it’s deep, natural ruggedness, Estate Wall coping offers an authentic, campfire feel when incorporated into a fire pit design. The result is a well finished designed that feels both relaxed and classic. Estate Wall coping is available in a number of earthy colors that are guaranteed to match virtually any color scheme. These shades include Prairie, River, Sandstone, Sierra, Coffee Creek and Fieldstone. Choose Estate Wall coping for adding the look and feel of natural stone and durability of concrete to your fire pit.

Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone coping is known for its rugged elegance and is employed in a wide range of environments and style settings, including fire pit walls and permanent seating. It produces a natural appearance enhanced by its pitched edges, giving it the look of hand-carved stone. When used in fire pit seating, the edges of the stone are easy on the backs of legs, with smooth top surface further contributing to comfort. Enhanced with superior surface technology, Ledgestone coping has ultra-realistic textures, perfectly replicating those found in nature. Ledgestone coping gives you the option to choose from Buff, Grey and Blue color options in order to suit the aesthetic of virtually any fire pit setting.

The title image features a fire pit and low wall built from Brussels Dimensional Stone, topped with Brussels Fullnose coping.

Ideal Coping Options for your St. Louis MO Fire Pit


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