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Have You Considered These 7 Products for Your Retaining Wall in Eatontown, NJ?

Have You Considered These 7 Products for Your Retaining Wall in Eatontown, NJ?


Retaining walls may have a utilitarian reputation, but these humble landscape features do so much to enhance outdoor livin.! From providing additional seating to creating more usable space, retaining walls are practical and stylish. Have you considered these seven products for your retaining wall in Eatontown, NJ?


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Choosing the Look of Your Retaining Wall

One of the toughest choices is deciding which type of wall to use. Many homes aren’t strictly representative of one architectural style. Many contemporary homes blend styles, which can make the choice even more challenging. Ultimately your wall choice comes down to personal preference, as today’s design aesthetic isn’t tied down to sticking with one particular style. Let’s begin by exploring textures as a starting point.


1. Brussels Dimensional System

The Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock features an antiqued patina reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean walls. Available in Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sierra, and Sandstone), its smaller dimensions make it the perfect choice for curved walls and fire pits.


2. Concord Wall

Unilock Concord Wall (in Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra) is the ideal choice for taller walls designed with function in mind. This wall system features a built-in setback that ensures the correct slope for unparalleled strength and structural integrity, in a very attractive weather-worn package.


3. Estate Wall

Estate Wall from Unilock gives you the choice of multiple-length units. Its distressed texture gives it a “been there forever” look that’s perfect alongside traditional or contemporary homes. Available in Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, and Walnut Grove, Estate Wall are natural colors that give the appearance of weathered stone.


4. Rivercrest Wall

Unilock Rivercrest Wall is a popular wall system inspired by the look of stacked flagstone. This style pairs well with nearly any architectural style thanks to its neutral colors (Buff or Coastal Slate). The irregular, hand-cut look gives a natural touch to modern settings, yet isn’t too rustic for elegant homes.


5. RomanWall

Another antiqued wall system, Unilock RomanWall (in Almond Grove, Sierra, and Granite) makes the retaining wall fit in perfectly with its natural surroundings. The slightly beveled edges and weather-worn finish create an interesting texture that adds a rugged charm to any home.


6. Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock gives your retaining wall a streamlined look using multi-length plank-shaped units. The fresh, modern design and contemporary colors Almond Grove, Limestone, and Sierra as well as Midnight Charcoal for pillars and corner units only, make this wall system a clear winner for spaces that demand a sleek, minimalist look. The smooth texture is both a perfect complement for modern homes and a beautiful contrast to the natural surroundings.


7. U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock gives you choices. Whether you want sleek or rugged, large sizes or small, and whether you want to use complementary colors and finishes or mix things up, this unique wall system is a go-to for homeowners who want to express their creativity. Choices include Bavarian with a pitched face; Black Granite in a smooth, matte Series finish; French Grey in a mottled Umbriano finish; Opal in a unique smooth, pearly face; Peppered Granite in a smooth, matte Series finish; Sierra in a smooth face; Steel Mountain in a pitched face; Summer Wheat in a mottled Umbriano finish; Tuscany in smooth face; and Winter Marvel in a mottled Umbriano finish.


This wall system is unique in that it uses U-Cara Fascia Panels that can be placed anywhere along the Sure Track Backer Block, which lets you choose design combinations you can’t achieve with other wall systems.


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