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Which Hardscaping Areas Should Be Connected with Walkways in Peekskill, NY?

Before installing walkways for your Peekskill, NY, home, it can often help to take some time to discover the natural flow of the landscape and determine the best spots for laying your walkways. Rather than randomly connecting different hardscape areas, the walkways should have a clear destination, serving as a route through your landscape’s stunning design. Here are some suggestions on which hardscaping elements to connect with walkways:

Driveway and Entrance

If you frequently park on your driveway, a walkway that connects to the front entrance of your home, or to the walkway leading up to the front entrance, is a handy hardscape element to consider. Not only will this keep your shoes free of mud when it rains, it will also preserve your lawn and allow for a quick pick-up or drop-off. For the sake of uniformity, consider constructing this walkway from the same paver as your driveway, allowing your hardscapes to flow seamlessly into one another. An attractive driveway paver is essential for this. Consider pavers such as Copthorne, Courtstone, or Richcliff (among many others) for this purpose.

The title image features a system of front yard walkways paved with Courtstone pavers, with Brussels Block bordering.


Pool and Patio

Connecting the patio with the pool area allows easy access from your patio, dining area, and outdoor kitchen to the pool area. This will make a quick swim during outdoor gatherings more appealing and will also prevent grass and debris from being tracked inside the house. Once again, Unilock offers a number of attractive options that are perfect for this purpose. Match pavers such as Brussels Block, Thornbury, or Umbriano to your backyard aesthetic to achieve a sunny and welcoming transition between outdoor spaces.

The Home’s Front Walkway

Your home’s front walkway is what visitors will first notice when they come to your residence on foot. It’s therefore important to create a walkway that will impress with its design. Unilock concrete pavers allow many different design options and can be combined in a unique creation that will lead your guests to the comfort of your home. For a welcoming, rustic front walkway, consider a paver such as Il Campo or Mattoni. For an impressive modern welcome, try Artline pavers from Unilock.

Peaceful Walkways that Lead to Private Seating Areas

If you have a private seating area tucked away in a corner of your landscape, you can enhance its magical appeal with the design of a winding walkway that leads to the spot. This walkway can take guests past the greenery, ornamental plants, trees, and sculpture that add personality to your yard.
To accentuate the aesthetics of the plants, consider a selection of Thornbury pavers for your walkway design. Thornbury pavers offer an impressive surface texture and a pleasing randomized look, ideal for a dynamic walkway that will lead to a place of relaxation. This paver is available in four different colors, the deep New York Blend, and the earthy shades of Bavarian, Sierra, and Almond Grove. Thornbury pavers can also be installed as a permeable paver option which is great for homeowners aiming for a sustainable landscape.

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Which Hardscaping Areas Should Be Connected with Walkways in Peekskill, NY?


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