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Gorgeous Natural Stone Features to Take Your Petoskey, MI, Landscape Design to the Next Level

Gorgeous Natural Stone Features to Take Your Petoskey, MI, Landscape Design to the Next Level
Natural stone is as timeless as it is fashionable, and with Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock, homeowners in Petoskey, MI, can experience the luxury of imported Sandstone and Limestone. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is sourced ethically from Europe and Asia, and offers the characteristics of low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability and a high degree of flexural strength. Here are some natural stone features that will enhance your landscape design and boost the aesthetics of your property:

Seating Walls

No outdoor entertainment area is complete without ample seating. With seating walls, you can ensure that seating space is always available and always near at hand. In addition, permanent seating takes up less space than bulky furniture, and can prove to be a lifesaver when hosting large groups of people. To transform any low wall system into comfortable seating, good coping is necessary. Limestone Fullnose Coping is ideal for this purpose because of its fine, almost silky, surface texture and rounded edge, which will protect skin and clothing from scrapes and scratches.


Whether you’re constructing steps that lead up to your front door, wind down to your pool area, or connect multiple levels of patio, take some time to select a material that will complement the rest of your landscape and lend visual appeal. Limestone coping in Black River can be an excellent option for a sleek, sophisticated appearance. Sandstone coping, with either a natural or edge or fullnose, is ideal for a more textured appearance. Unilock Sandstone is available in two sophisticated color variations, Stone Cliff Grey and Indian Coast. Both of these options can contribute a great deal of character and variation to the steps that weave through your landscape. Because of the naturally coarse grain of its surface texture, Sandstone provides reliable grip underfoot, even when wet. This is an essential safety feature for any hardscape feature, but is particularly important for the safe navigation of steps.


Patios, Walkways and Pool Decks

Both Limestone and Sandstone are excellent candidates for the construction of patios, walkways and pool decks, each offering a different character and aesthetic appeal. Unilock Limestone is available in the Black River color variation for Petoskey, MI, homeowners. Black River offers a deep charcoal aesthetic with a smooth color gradient and a refined surface texture. Black River Limestone can be used to create walkways that blend in with the deep greens of the softscape, or patios with an air of modern sophistication.
Unilock Sandstone, in the Stone Cliff Grey and Indian Coast color variations, offers a more distinct character and varied appearance. Stone Cliff Grey is ideal for patios, walkways or pool decks designed to create a subtle, relaxing atmosphere and laid back elegance. Indian Coast, on the other hand, is warmer and more earthy with rich red veins and subtle brown undertones. For walkways that welcome guests and invite them towards the front door, or patios that generate a warm, social atmosphere, Indian Coast is perfect. Likewise, incorporating Indian Coast Sandstone into a pool deck can give the area a warmer, more summery, feel.

The title image features front entrance steps constructed from Unilock Limestone in Black River.

Gorgeous Natural Stone Features to Take Your Petoskey, MI, Landscape Design to the Next Level


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